Join our Webinar: Banking on Social Listening

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Join our Webinar: Banking on Social Listening


banking on social listeningAre you ready to start investing in social media? Are the challenges of compliance and regulations holding you back? Don’t get left behind. Join our webinar on Wednesday, October 30, at 10am EST, to learn how to develop an effective social listening strategy for financial services.


  1. Align Social Media Monitoring with your Business Objectives
  2. Develop a Strong Social Media Policy
  3. Create an Engagement Playbook
  4. Understand your Industry’s Social Media Landscape
  5. Cover all Channels and Languages
  6. Build a Community around your Brand
  7. Engage with Customers and Prospects
  8. Archive Content and Engagement
  9. Be Prepared for Escalating Crises
  10. Measure your Success

baking on social listening

To get a head start on Banking on Social Listening, check out our ebook below:

Banking on Social Listening – 10 Steps to an Effective Social Strategy for Financial Services from Synthesio

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