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This Week In Marketing: Events, Events and More Events!

If you are a marketer, you know that this has been an incredibly exciting week for us, as there were two major events for marketers happening at the same time. The two events were the Forrester Marketing Leadership Forum in New York City and the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit in San Francisco. We were at both events and you know what that means, we tracked all the social data and mentions at both exciting events, and here is what we found:

Forrester Logo

What were people talking about?

With over 6,000 online mentions at the Forrester Marketing Leadership Forum, there were a lot of topics that drove online buzz, however, it is clear when you look at the word cloud comprised of what topics were getting teh most buzz at the event, in 2015, ROI and metrics are the most important thing for any marketer:

Synthesio Social Intelligence Word Cloud

Who was talking?

With men comprising 66% of the people who were talking about #FORRForum, it is interesting to see that among the top 10 most influential posters, half of them were women, including 3 of the top 5:

Synthesio Social Intelligence Influencers


What were people talking about?

When looking at the topics that were causing the most buzz at Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit (#MKTGNation), it is clear to see what marketers think about: how to strategically and positively engage with their customer base and make good use of the large amount of data that they are able to pull on a regular basis (surprisingly, John Legend wasn’t in this word cloud, but rest assured, his mini-concert was fantastic!):

Synthesio Social Intelligence Word Cloud

Who was talking?

What is really interesting when you look at the top influencers from the event is that most of them were brands. To us, this shows the power of Marketo and the importance of marketing information to brands and businesses, since they were the ones that were talking about what was happening and being said at the sessions more than any individual person:

Synthesio Influencers Social Intelligence

Another interesting bit of information to note is that 55% of people discussing Marketing Nation online were men. However, what really stood out to us is that the average age of people discussing Marketing Nation was 35-44. If you connect age to executive seniority, this shows us that the folks that were at Marketing Nation, and that were discussing it, were senior marketers and decision makers.

We had a great week attending both of these exciting and informative conferences, and while it was exhausting, we look forward to doing it all over again next year!

A Quick Note about Twitter Data – Everything Is Fine

Twitter Bird Social Intelligence SynthesioThere’s been a lot of buzz in the news lately about Twitter severing its relationship with third-party data providers such as Datasift.  While a few of the news reports got it right, many of them missed the point, talking about how “all” third-party access to Twitter got cut off.

The reality is much simpler.  The only access that was discontinued was for the remaining two companies who buy data from Twitter and then resell it to other companies, DataSift and NTT Data. It doesn’t affect anyone who buys their data directly from Twitter, which includes Synthesio.

We’ve got a great relationship with Twitter and their in-house data provider Gnip, one that’s existed for a number of years.  We long-ago decided that we wanted to get our data right from the source and partnered directly with Twitter to build our platform.

Consequently, we are completely unaffected by this change, and I’m looking forward to getting even richer data from Twitter and Gnip in the future.

Editorializing for a minute, Twitter’s move to stop allowing third-parties to sell Twitter’s own data makes perfect sense.  There are very specific and strong rules that Twitter has about how you access, store, maintain and use their data.  Allowing third-parties to buy data from Twitter and then resell it to end-users breaks that relationship, and makes it difficult for Twitter to enforce their own rules and regulations.

In the end though, while a lot of hay was made in the mainstream tech media about the change, it’s a fairly simple example of a growing tech company taking better control over their core intellectual property.  And from Synthesio’s perspective, it doesn’t affect us at all.

If any of our partners or customers have any questions or concerns about any of this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via Twitter at @matthewzito or email at 

Campaigns Just Got Smarter With Synthesio And Marketo

We are really excited to announce that today, Synthesio has formally integrated with Marketo, Inc. (NASDQ: MKTO) to enable marketers to better personalize their engagement, and leverage a complete view of their customers’ online voice over time.

This strategic partnership is a result of our pursuit to offer marketers the ability to gain a complete view of their customer, a complete picture of their online presence and tie social data back to business metrics and performance. We’re really excited that this new capability will provide marketers with an even greater understanding of the role social media and an online presence plays in the customer lifecycle, and will bring social even closer to marketing and sales funnels.

So, what does this mean for you?

There are a great number of ways that you will be able to use this new integration to help you improve your customer interactions. You will now have smarter, more holistic data and, in turn smarter campaigns.

Turn Your Social Fans Into Leads

You use Synthesio’s Social Intelligence platform to find the people that are talking about your brand, and these users should be leads. Now that is possible because with this integration you will be able to quickly create new leads in Marketo from users in your Synthesio dashboards.

You can even add your social fans to the lists you’ve already created in Marketo. Synthesio dynamically pulls in all your Marketo lists so you can quickly fill out your lists easily without switching platforms.

Know Your Customer’s Complete Backstory

In order to send out the best and most effective message to your customers, you must have a complete understanding of them, and until now, combining social data and lead activity has been a challenge. With Social Lead Lookup, you can now view a social user’s Marketo lead record within your Synthesio dashboards. See the full picture of what your customers are saying so you can send them content that’s relevant and timely.

If you want to learn more about Synthesio and its integration with Marketo, and you’re at the Marketo Marketing Nation™ Summit 2015, look for us at booth 34. If you’re not, reach out to us and we’ll be happy to tell you more!

Synthesio’s IMPACT: Connect Social Data to Business Metrics

Exciting news from Synthesio! Our Social Intelligence and social media listening tool will now be providing marketers with the ability to understand how to tie social data and performance, including the work being done and money being spent, back to business analytics, through the release of IMPACT.  These new return on investment (ROI) metrics will allow Synthesio to continue to provide clients with the best global Social Intelligence available.

IMPACT will allow customers to manage and optimize their brand’s social activities by tracking the awareness, acquisition, activation and satisfaction of their audience over a desired time frame, and as conversations are happening.

IMPACT allows marketers to:

  •      Segment their audience & target communication by buying stage and engagement level
  •      Differentiate leads across the customer buying cycle
  •      Measure conversions through the buying stages
  •      Identify relevant sales prospects for social lead generation
  •      Identify and build influencer lists with integrated user profiles from different social sources
  •      Analyze user acquisition and retention across owned channels and sub-channels.

For more information, check out our press release about IMPACT here.

Social Intelligence Synthesio social media monitoring tool IMPACT social roi

Social Media for the Holidays Explained

Remember the meme “Social media Explained by Donuts?” It went viral across the socialsphere, and for few weeks, that image was everywhere. Since then, many people have found their own funny ways with beer, coffee and even cats, to explain social media using the original as a guide.

Well, here’s our take using the holidays to help explain all of the difference social channels.

Happy Holidays,

The Synthesio Team


Riffle by CrowdRiff Now Integrated Into Synthesio’s Social Intelligence Platform

riffle logoA connected social ecosystem is crucial for our customers to quickly and easily access, share, compare and measure data. We are continually working to extend our ecosystem for our customers, and this week we want to highlight an exciting new integration with Riffle by CrowdRiff, a Google Chrome extension that allows users to get Twitter engagement, interest and activity analytics in real-time.

This exciting partnership bolsters our ability to provide unrivaled amounts of data on each user and their social presence and influence. Riffle by CrowdRiff allows users to access individual metrics about a Twitter profile that expands on our unique Social Reputation Score by adding Klout score, linked accounts, top hashtags, top mentions and many more. Keeping it simple for our customers, all you need is a Riffle by CrowdRiff account to get the integration up and running in your workspace.


Our customers can now get a more complete picture to better understand and target their influencers turning them into brand ambassadors. Influencer programs are integral to any brand as they provide trusted personal recommendations to consumers giving you an edge over your competitors.

Customers now have the ability to see what hashtags are important to their influencers and who is mentioning them, providing a more complete picture of their industries as well as their influencers.

If you are interested in learning more about this integration, or any of our other offerings, please contact us here, and someone will get back to you shortly.

Improving the End to End Customer Experience: Introducing Synthesio’s Latest Social Intelligence Product Release

The New and Improved Synthesio Experience is now live!

Our October “Experience” Release includes new and improved features making the Synthesio Social Listening, Analytics and Engagement platform faster, more dynamic and even easier to use.

New improvements to the Synthesio platform include a new, sleek user interface, updates to audience segmentation and targeting abilities, and advanced management of accounts and permissions across multiple projects.

We have also included new built in templates, use cases and best practices, allowing our customers to quickly build and access social analytics and insights tailored to their business use cases and goals. Customers will now be able to get up and running even quicker with instant access to the information that matters most to them and their teams.


This week we also unveiled a brand new Command Center, providing unique ways to visualize and promote social data, while focusing on live business-facing metrics. Our customers value complete access to their social data and analytics across their organizations, and our new command center will help them scale their social programs across the business.

Not a customer yet? Contact us today for demo to see the New Synthesio Experience in action!

Selfridges Chooses Synthesio to Enhance Customer Experience

selfridges-logoWe’re excited to announce an exciting new addition to our growing roster of global enterprise level clients.  Leading retail brand, Selfridges, recently chose Synthesio to be their global social listening and engagement solution for improving customer relations and gathering valuable consumer insights.

Using Synthesio’s platform, Selfridges will be able to analyze customer comments online on a global basis, including key Asian social networks like Sina Weibo. This will enable Selfridges’ marketing and customer service teams to respond efficiently to customer queries, engage with customers and analyze their online and offline experiences with Selfridges.

The agreement with Selfridges follows Synthesio securing a similar brief with Virgin Atlantic last month.

Claire Higgins, Head of Digital Marketing at Selfridges, said: “We are continually striving to provide the best possible service to our customers. By using Synthesio’s platform we will be able to provide even better care online and gain valuable insights that will help us better understand the online and offline experiences of our customers.”

Learn more about how the Retail industry is harnessing the power of social listening to achieve tangible business results in our latest eBook.

Synthesio’s Summer 2014 Product Release

Happy Summer! We’re excited to announce our July product launch with new and improved features, making the Synthesio platform faster, more dynamic, and even easier to use.

Here are the highlights of our Summer 2014 product release. Drum roll please…

Visual Query Builder

Visual Query Builder is a brand new approach to building social searches. With a completely rebuilt interface that’s cleaner and more intuitive, and the ability to live-preview your results, it’s easier than ever to construct complex queries tailored to your business needs.

vqb on imac

Twitter Demographics

Our platform can now display statistics on the demographics of Twitter users on a dashboard or topic level. We analyze the profiles of those commenting so you can view the types of Twitter users influencing your topics and gain a better understanding of your audience, including number of users per gender, quantity of users in each age range, users’ topics of interest based on Twitter bios and languages spoken by users.

twitter demographics

Favorite Filters

Each user can now save filters and revisit them at any time. This is live on Listening, Collaboration, and Engagement dashboards, as well as on our Data Management console.


With every release we aim to make social marketing just that much easier and more powerful for our customers! We’ve also made some additional upgrades to the platform. Contact us today to learn more or request a demo.

Virgin Atlantic Chooses Synthesio for Global Social Listening and Engagement

virginWe’re proud to announce an exciting new addition to our growing roster of global enterprise level clients. Virgin Atlantic chose Synthesio to be their one-stop global social listening and engagement solution.

Using Synthesio’s platform, Virgin Atlantic will be able to better understand the customer experience via analysis of customer comments across the web. Virgin will be able to quickly take action on the insights gained and respond in real-time to customers requiring support on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Kyle Thorne, Social Relations Manager for Virgin Atlantic, said: “Synthesio’s ability to offer us both listening and engagement within one intuitive tool was very appealing. Putting our customers at the heart of everything we do, treating people as individuals, and forging stronger connections with people who love our brand, is core to our success. When it comes to the social web, the Synthesio platform enables us to do this at scale.”

“We want to continue to improve our understanding of all aspects of the customer experience and to use customers as a source of innovation and inspiration. Social intelligence delivers fresh insights and real-time opportunities to build stronger relationships.”

Interested in learning more? Check out digital travel blog, Travolution’s story on our exciting news here.

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