Glastonbury Festival: Social Media Buzz, Aging Rockers and Kanye

By Agata Kawa | 

29 Jun 15 | 

Category: Events, UK Festivals

GLASTONBURY, ENGLAND - JUNE 28:  Lianne La Havas performs at the John Peel stage at the Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm, Pilton on June 28, 2015 in Glastonbury, England.  (Photo by Tabatha Fireman/Redferns via Getty Images)

Glastonbury is one of the most popular UK music festivals, not to mention one of the most popular ones globally, evidenced by the fact that it is the largest Greenfields festival in the world. If you were there, you probably had the five best days of your life living like in the mud of Glastonbury and seeing The Who, Lionel Richie, Roger Daltrey, Patti Smith, Florence and the Machine and many other great artists as well as Dalai Lama. But now that the Glastonbury Festival 2015 has ended and 177,000 exhausted festival goers have headed home to rest and reminisce about a memorable long weekend, we think it is a great time to take a look at all of the great social data around this festival.

What were people talking about?

Over the five-day festival, out of all online mentions, 77.9 % were associated with music itself. But as we all know, Glastonbury is also about the Fashion, which generated 7.8%, as well as the obvious travel issues that always occur around festivals, which was responsible for 6% of the online conversations.


Who was posting?

Popular among both females (38% of all online mentions) and males (64%), Glastonbury is not just for young people looking for a weekend of drinking, as it is a festival that increasingly caters for people of all ages. That said, the biggest group driving the online buzz were 18-24 year olds, yet we recorded older age groups actively posting as well. With the average age of headliners getting older every year, from 29 in 1997 to 43 this year, we anticipate that over the next few years the older age groups will be driving a lot more buzz than they did previously. Closing the festival was 71-year-old Roger Daltrey of the Who. Hours earlier Patti Smith, 68, and Lionel Richie, 66, has drawn the biggest crowd to the Pyramid stage this year.

What artists drove the social buzz?

Kanye West – Out of all Glastonbury online conversations, 37.8% were generated on Saturday, with the number of mentions increasing just before 9.30 pm, when the self-proclaimed “greatest living rock star on the planet,” was about to appear on the Pyramid stage. To read more about Kanye’s headline booking controversy, and his crowd-dividing performance, click here.

Foo Fighters – the peak of online conversations (red color is negative sentiment) arrived before the actual festival started. On June 17th, the Foo Fighters officially cancelled their headline slot performance after frontman Dave Grohl broke his leg in an on-stage fall (or should we say off-stage fall?) at a concert in Sweden. Despite the fact that he finished that show, it doesn’t seem like the Glastonbury crowd showed him much sympathy as they were clearly unhappy that the Foo Fighters cancelled their performances.


Were you at Glastonbury this year? If so, let us know what you thought and what you were posting about!


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The Royal Ascot: Horses, Fashion and Social Media!

By Agata Kawa | 

25 Jun 15 | 

Category: Events

ASCOT, ENGLAND - JUNE 16:  Isabell Kristensen and daughter Nichola Kristensen attend day 1 of Royal Ascot on June 16, 2015 in Ascot, England. (Photo by Anwar Hussein/WireImage)The Royal Ascot is one of the UK’s most lavish sporting events of the year, where horses and jockeys from around the world meet and compete for more than £5.5 million in prize money. Founded in 1711, the event is always attended by the Queen herself and other members of the Royal Family, along with many other dignitaries and socialites.

Yet, as with any major sporting event in the year 2015, the Royal Ascot isn’t all about the horses, it’s also about Fashion! Away from the action, many race goers treat the stands and paddock as a catwalk with the famous Ladies’ Day, which took place last Thursday, providing a perfect stage for those who want to impress. Every year the event attracts the glamorously dressed from around the country, looking to show off their latest looks, hats and outfits. The Royal Ascot operates a strict dress code, which varies depending on which part of the grounds you’re in and your gender. Have a look at the ‘Royal Ascot style guide’ video here.

With the global appeal of the Royal Ascot and its fashionable off-the-course aspect to it, we took the opportunity to track the buzz around this exciting event, and of course the fashion that accompanies it.

Out of more than 80,500 online mentions during the event, almost 11% occurred around the hat designers and popular colours worn at the event. 63% of these mentions obviously came from the UK, but the global appeal of this event was visible by the fact that 20% of the conversations came from North America, and 3% from Australia and New Zealand. The hashtag “#LadiesDay” was used more than 1,150 times and #LikeNowhereElse was used 1,658 times.

The UK’s best hat designers and milliners, whom the racecourse collaborated with to mark the occasion, formed the Royal Ascot Collective. Of the six members in this group, Rachel Trevor Morgan created the most buzz with 58.4% of all mentions, followed by Philip Treacy with 15.9% and Noel Stewart with 7.8%.

hat designers

So what were the most fashionable colours at the Royal Ascot? Based on the responses on social media, the top colours were:

  • Aquamarine (24.3% of all online mentions) – worn by Princess Beatrice
  • Strawberry Ice (Pink) (21.8%)– worn by the Queen
  • Custard (18.9%) – worn by Princess Anne

Even though the Royal Ascot dress style code for the event is fairly strict that hadn’t stopped some attendees making their own interpretations of the rules.  Many online conversations were driven by the art couture designer Larisa Katz who at the Royal Ascot turned up in outfits made out of recycled plastic spoons.


Did you watch the Royal Ascot? Let us know what you paid more attention to: the horse races that were going on, or the makeshift fashion show?


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What Was The Buzz At Social Media World Forum 2015?

By Agata Kawa | 

15 Jun 15 | 

Category: Events

SMWFThe very essence of social & digital media means that it is something that everyone within a business can be involved in to spread a company’s message. With that said, it can also create a lot of challenges, which is why more people than ever need to know what the latest trends are in social marketing.

Last week, together with our new strategic partner Conversocial, we had an exciting opportunity to be exhibiting at the Social Media World Forum in London. Since we love social listening, we looked at what was being said online during the two-day #SMWF event by looking at the more than 5,500 mentions during the event. Interestingly enough, out of all mentions coming from Europe, there were 75.8%  from the UK, 6.5% from France, 3.4% from Italy and 2.8% from Switzerland.

The keynote session “How social media has changed the notion of celebrity” and the fascinating case studies that were presented about using influencers as brand advocates from Alper Eroglu, Global Media Director, Deodorants and Oral Care Categories at Unilever, generated a great amount of buzz. In fact many of the keywords that came up in the event’s overall word cloud (click on the image to see all the keywords properly), stemmed from this session:


Word-of-mouth marketing has always been a powerful driver of consumer behavior. Every experienced marketer knows that customers are more likely to base purchasing decisions on information from fellow customers than brand advertisements. In the age of social media, brands can capitalize on this by focusing their efforts on social influencers. With influencer identification tools, brands can locate influencers across the social web, rank them and then develop strategies to incentivise those users to share key information that will sway potential buyers.

Were you one of the 10 top Influencers talking online around #SMWF? 


Finally, many online conversations occurred around Jason Mills, Head of Digital, ITV News; Tom Edmonds, Director of Digital and Creative at Conservative Party and John Crowley, Digital Editor, EMEA at The Wall Street Journal surrounding their session “2015 – The first social media election?”Some of the questions they were trying to answer included topics such as: to what extent is social embedded into the psyche of political parties, what can politicians learn from brands to enable their social strategies, and finally, they were also looking at the ways in which social feedback for live televised debates might help form and shift public opinion on campaigns in real time.  For more information about this, check out our blog post that looked at the public reaction to UK 2015 General Election TV debates, which you can read here.


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Watching the Chesterton’s Polo in the Park on Social Media!

By Agata Kawa | 

10 Jun 15 | 

Category: Events, Sports

polo matchOne of the capital’s most prestigious three-day World Series event, the Chesterton’s Polo in the Park, finished on Sunday. There were six teams from cities around the world competing in the tournament: Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park Team from Hong Kong, Powder Byrne Team from Dublin, Argentex Team from Davos, Shoreline Team from Lagos, Mint Team from London and City AM Team from Abu Dhabi.

Friday, June 5th, was a historic milestone at Hurlingham Park, as Team England, sponsored by Cutler and Gross, faced Team South America, sponsored by Air Europa in the first International polo match hosted at this historic venue since 1939. Unfortunately, a valiant performance by England wasn’t enough to stop a well-oiled South American team. For more information click here.

The Hurlingham Club is considered the spiritual home for polo as it established the rules for polo back in 1873, which are still followed by most polo clubs around the world. The club also served as the headquarter of British polo until World War II when polo grounds were purchased by the government to build housing, and The Guards Polo Club in Windsor Great Park took over as the leading British polo club.

Exciting matches played at Hurlingham Park left huge crowds wanting more as they watched Team Hong Kong, sponsored by Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, beat Team Dublin sponsored by Powder Byrne 10-8 in the Final of the Chestertons Polo in the Park.

With more than 3000 online mentions around Chesterton’s Polo in the Park just over the weekend alone, we decided to have a look at the social media insights around the event. Here is some fun data below:

Which Event Sponsor created the most social buzz?


La Martina – the quintessential international polo brand, representing the elegance, prestige and tradition of the game of polo itself came up as a top Event Sponsor with 52.7%, followed by Champagne Lanson – the Champagne house brand with 43.3% and Royal Dutch Gazellethe largest and most famous bicycle manufacturer in the Netherlands with 2.3% share of voice.

Which Team Sponsor created the most social buzz?


Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park – the sponsor of Sunday’s final Chesterton’s Polo in the Park winner Team Hong Kong and the London’s most fashionable address, blending sumptuous guestrooms with award-winning restaurants and bars together with Cutler & Gross the sponsor of Team England and an Iconic British luxury eyewear brand that has been creating sunglasses and opticals for the clients with a sense of individual style for 46 years and Argentex the sponsor of Team Davos and a foreign exchange specialist offering advisory and execution services to high net worth individuals, corporates, charities and financial institutions – all three came up top with 18.3% share of voice each.

Top 10 Influencers talking online around ‪#PolointhePark


What were people talking about?

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 18.59.49

Bike giveaway by the sponsor Royal Dutch Gazelle – a lot of social buzz was being generated around the bike that it was possible to enter to win during the Polo in the Park event.


Mahiki and Princess Diana’s niece Lady Kitty Spencer – another topic that generated a lot of social media interest was the Mayfair’s famous night club Mahiki Bar, which was shaking up some amazing cocktails from its pitchside bar – the longest pop up bar in Europe and popular with the royals. Also, Diana’s niece Lady Kitty Spencer and the British socialite attended the Chesterton’s Polo in the Park and of course she visited the Mahiki pop up bar:)!

What were the Twitter user’s topics of interests?


A lot of users tweeting around the event were obviously interested in Polo and Sport, but from the image screenshot above we can also read that there was a lot of online interest being generated around Fashion, which relates well to Saturday’s Ladies Day, which was full of beautifully dressed up ladies.


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The Summer 2015 Social Media Events Guide for Top Marketers

By Tatiana Tilearcio | 

09 Jun 15 | 

Category: Events

summer-beachSchool may be out for summer, but for marketers, the learning has just begun. If you are a global company, like Synthesio, it’s imperative to have your finger on the pulse on all the top marketing and social media events around the world. This summer, catch up on the latest trends and technologies in social marketing (and not to mention a chance to visit some pretty exciting cities) – while attending some of the hottest social media events of the year. Book your flights now and prepare to learn!


Social Media Forum

Date: June 8-9

Location: Vinopolis, London

Engage with the world of social and digital marketing at the 2015 Social Media Forum in Vinopolis, London. Synthesio is  sponsoring this event alongside our friends at Conversocial. Stop by and learn how to achieve data-driven customer care with Synthesio and Conversocial. Connect with us and join the conversation by using #SMWF.

Augmented World Expo

Date: June 8-10

Location: Santa Clara, LA

At the 6th Augmented World Expo, connect with 3000+ professional attendees, 200+ exhibitors and 200+ presenters leading the charge in augmented and virtual reality, wearable tech and the internet of things. At this three-day event, you will learn about the latest about wearable technologies, interact with new product demos and hear from top industry leaders.

Social Media Week Los Angeles, Social Media Week Mexico City and Social Media Week Rome

Date: June 8-12

Location: Los Angeles, CA | Mexico City, Mexico | Rome, Italy

Social Media Week Los Angeles, Mexico City and Rome will all feature a full five days of panels, presentations, demos, workshops, talks, conversations and interactive events. Social Media Week provides engaging, entertaining, educational, diverse content and experiences that helps us to think differently about human connectivity and our shifting relationship to technology. This week-long event will showcase proactive speakers, innovators and thought leaders, and create can lead to meaningful change and a more productive life. This year, Synthesio will be at Social Media Week Los Angeles. Visit our session, Answering the ROI Question: Connecting Social to Business Impact, featuring our VP of Product, Matthew Zito. Stop by our booth and join the conversation by tweeting #SMWSynthesio!

Integrated Marketing Communications

Date: June 9-10

Location: Chicago, IL

This two-day workshop helps determine the right mix of traditional, digital, social, direct response, mobile, etc. The workshop is beneficial for both for-profit and nonprofit organizations, service- and product-oriented businesses and companies operating in B-to-B and B-to-C channels of distribution, and content is designed to cater to SMB’s and F100 companies alike. This event is ideal for those responsible integrated marketing communication within the company.

The Social Shake-Up

Date: June 9-10

Location: Atlanta, GA

Synthesio has a huge presence at The Social Shakeup in Atlanta this week, as Loic Moisand, CEO and Co-founder of Synthesio, will be speaking on the panel From Social Listening to Creative Output: Following the Yellow-Brick Road, Daina Middleton, the Head of Global Business Marketing at Twitter will be Synthesio’s keynote speaker in our session, Marketing in the Participation Age. Find the team at the Synthesio booth and follow up with the conversation by using #socialshakeup15.

UX Strategies Summit

Date: June 9-11

Location: San Francisco, CA

The UX Strategies Summit is the intersection of user experience, product, and business strategy. The 2015 UX Strategies Summit will be split into three categories: Collaboration & Leadership, Research & Design, and UX, Brand & Product. Fuel your team with new ideas, insights and practical takeaways.

The Corporate Social Media Summit

Date: June 15-16

Location: New York, NY

The Corporate Social Media Summit is a two day conference where you can learn from and network with senior level corporate leaders. At #CSMS, you choose from four different tracks, including 40+ leading corporate speakers and 18+ interactive sessions.

Big Boulder Conference

Date: June 15-16

Location: Boulder, CO

Big Boulder’s annual two day conference will feature educational sessions, networking events, and outdoor activities all centered around social data. This year’s conference will feature sessions from top social media sources, industry leaders, and premier consumers of publicly-available social data who will discuss trends, best practices, use cases, and the future of the industry. The Synthesio team will be in attendance. Come join us!

14th Text Analytics Summit

Date: June 15-16

Location: New York, NY

At the 14th Text Analytics Summit, you’ll be able to learn how to use unstructured data in order to improve customer engagement, increase marketing ROI and make the right business decisions. At this year’s summit, you will learn how to properly identify the goals of text analytics and how to achieve them through sentiment analysis and social listening techniques.

Digital Summit Denver 2015

Date: June 15-17

Location: Denver, CO

The 2015 Digital Summit Denver is a premier digital strategies forum transforming the future of digital commerce, including Marketing, UX & Design, Search, Content, Mobile, and more. Digital Summit gives digital professionals like you an opportunity to learn directly from the world’s digital industry experts, network with your peers, and teach you how to turn your ideas into transformational solutions.

Forrester’s Forum For Customer Experience Professionals

Date: June 16-17

Location: New York, NY

Synthesio will be sponsoring the 2015 CXNYC: Forrester’s Forum for Customer Experience Professionals. At this two day long event, you will learn how to accelerate your company’s success in a competitive marketplace where customer experience (CX) determines the future of your brand. You will gain insights on CX trends from leaders from both B2C and B2B brands; have the opportunity to connect with your peers and share best practices; and hear Forrester analysts discuss their latest research findings.

Content Rising Summit

Date: June 16-18

Location: Boston, MA

Engage with your customers online through storytelling at Skywards’s 1st Annual Content Rising Summit. This conference will bring together marketers, writers, videographers, designers and driven storytellers. Presentations and roundtable discussions will touch on current digital marketing trends and challenges including content strategy, brand storytelling, amplification, measurement and ROI, and scaling content marketing globally. Brand content creators and digital marketers, this one is for you!

ClickZ Live Toronto

Date: June 23-25

Location: Toronto, Canada

With over 15 years of experience delivering cutting-edge digital marketing events around the world, ClickZ Live provides the latest tips, tricks and tools to help you revolutionize your marketing campaigns. Crafted by the award-winning content team and industry-leading publications ClickZ and Search Engine Watch, the agenda focuses on the latest and most relevant topics to advance your skills.

Essentials of Social Media Marketing

Date: June 24-25

Location: Portland, OR

Essentials of Social Media Marketing is a face to face training series. In these two days, you will be provided with the basic knowledge of social media with strategies, tactics, and tools that firmly support business goals.

Silicon Beach Fest 2015

Date: June 24-27

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Silicon Beach Fest is LA’s original festival celebrating LA tech, entertainment & startups with panels, keynotes, workshops, mixers, and more June 24-27, 2015 in LA. At Silicon Beach Fest 2015, you will find sessions that include Startup, Investor, Developer, Digital Content, Virtual Reality and Hard Tech, International, and more.

2015 MnSearch Summit

Date: June 26

Location: St. Paul, MN

The 2015 MnSearch Summit is a one-day marketing conference that brings together marketing and business professionals from around Minnesota and the greater Midwest for a day learning from an impressive lineup of keynote and session speakers. These thought leaders will deliver the most forward-thinking strategies and tactics related to SEO, social media, PPC, analytics, content marketing and more!

Rocks Digital Marketing Conference

Date: June 29-30

Location: Dallas, TX

This year the Dallas based annual social media day celebration encapsulates the merging of two national events, the DFW Rocks Social Media Day Conference organized by Lissa Duty and The Local Social organized by Bernadette Coleman. At Rocks Digital Marketing Conference, you will find 30+ speakers and 30+ sessions, two days of learning, networking and opportunities, a vendor expo, a speaker-author book signing and a Social Media Day Tweetup.

SES Atlanta

Date: July 9

Location: Atlanta, GA

At this year’s SES Atlanta, they will teach about SEO and paid search tactics and how to measure campaign successes. Industry’s top practitioners and innovators will help SEO specialists, digital marketers, webmasters, developers and business leaders meet their marketing needs.

The Big UK Social Media Conference

Date: July 9-10

Location: Manchester, UK

On 9th and 10th July 2015 in Manchester UK, there will be marketers, business owners and social media experts to discover the latest in social media marketing for businesses from the world’s top experts, all brought to you by the Social Media Experts. At this conference, you will gain valuable content and strategies to enhance your social media marketing tactics for 2015.


Date: July 13-15

Location: Seattle, WA

MozCon includes sessions in SEO, social media, community building, content marketing, brand development, CRO, the mobile landscape, analytics, and more. Join MozCon and hear top-tier advice about making data-driven decisions in marketing.

Content Marketing Summit at LinkedIn

Date: July 30-31

Location: Mountain View, CA

Put your content marketing skills to the test this summer at the LinkedIn headquarters. The 2015 Content Marketing Summit will show you how to take advantage of PR’s greatest opportunity and tie it all together. Get ready to unlock greater responsibility, reach and ROI for your communications program.

ProBlogger Training Event 2015

Date: August 14-15

Location: Gold Coast, Australia

Come be a part of Australia’s largest and longest running blogging event at ProBlogger Training Event 2015. This firmly established two day multi track agenda is packed with inspiration, practical training and networking. PBEVENT will include a mix of keynotes, panels, case studies and Q&A sessions, in addition to a dedicated track for workshops and boot camps for photography, beginner bloggers and small businesses.

CMO Summit

Date: August 17-19

Location: Gold Coast, Australia

Synthesio will be sponsoring the 6th Annual CMO Summit. Come and learn the big answer of “What are the key new drivers shaping the marketing agenda?” Elite buyers and sellers will be brought together in a premium closed doors event. Delegates will include CMOs, Marketing Directors, GMs of Marketing, and Head’s of Marketing responsible for marketing, strategy and product branding decision-making from leading companies in Australia and New Zealand.

Which events will SYNTHESIO be at? Find out here: Upcoming Events

Did we miss your event? Let us know in the comments section below and we’ll add it in!


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Cate Blanchett & Michael Fassbender Won Social Cannes

By Adam Dalezman | 

28 May 15 | 

Category: Events, Infographics, Marketing 2.0

The 2015 Cannes Film Festival has come and gone and we know who the big winners were, what they won and who was snubbed. However, an international event like this is something that Synthesio loves to analyze, which is why we looked at who the big social winners were, along with those who actually won awards. For example, did you know that Vincent Lindon, the winner of the Best Actor award, only generated 0.3% of online buzz, while Michael Fassbender was the big social buzz winner, as he generated 6.1% of all online conversations. Check out our infographic below for more fun data from the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, and let us know what you think about the winners (and those who were snubbed)! Cannes 2015 Social Intelligence Social Media Monitoring Listening Synthesio


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The Chelsea Flower Show 2015 Blossoms Across Social Media

By Agata Kawa | 

26 May 15 | 

Category: Awards, Events

Chelsea Flower Show 2015Last week, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show provided us with the amazing opportunity to admire the work of leading garden designers including Dan Person, Jo Thompson, Adam Frost, James Basson and many more. The event held since 1912 by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) in the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea in Chelsea, London, is the most famous flower show in the United Kingdom, and perhaps in the world, attracting visitors from all continents. 

We already know who won the Best Show, Artisan and Fresh Garden categories including the BBC / RHS People’s Choice Gardens Awards plus all the medal winners. You can check these by clicking here, but which garden created the most buzz on social media?

At Synthesio, we decided to take a look into social listening insights around all gardens as well as to see what people were talking about in regards to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in general.  Here are our findings:

Which gardens generated the most online buzz?

Show Gardens: Even though, the garden inspired by Prince Harry’s Sentebale charity in Lesotho missed out on the Best Show Garden Award as well as a gold medal, it received the BBC / RHS People’s Choice Show Garden Award and on social media also ranked as a top garden in the same category with 24,6%, followed by the Laurent – Perrier Chatsworth Garden with 18,1% and the M&G Garden – the Retreat with 13,6 % share of voice. 

Show Gardens

Fresh Gardens: The Breakthrough Breast Cancer Garden won the RHS People’s Choice Fresh Garden Award and on social media also generated the most interest with 31, 9%, followed by Dark Matter Garden for the National Schools’ Observatory with 16,7% share of voice, which also won the Best Fresh Garden Award.

Artisan Gardens: The Breast Cancer Haven Garden won the RHS People’s Choice Artisan Garden Award, but on social media came 2nd with 22,9% share of voice with the Brewers Yard Garden with 35,2% share of voice winning on social media.

What were people talking about?

With more than 37,400 online mentions around the RHS Chelsea Flower Show there were a lot of topics that were generating interest on social media:

“The Sentebale – Hope In Vulnerability Garden” – as we can see from the insight tree a lot of online conversations were happening around the garden designed by Matt Keightley that was inspired by Prince Harry’s Sentebale Charity in Lesotho founded to provide support to children living with HIV. We can also read out the “royal” wording, which relates well to the fact that this year, there was quite a reunion at the Chelsea Flower Show for members of Britain’s royal family as The Queen, Zara Phillips, Prince Charles and others stopped by to show their support for Prince Harry and his exhibition.


“Telegraph Garden”- the gold winning at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show Garden and sponsored by Telegraph was inspired by the designer’s – Marcus Barnett – love of the Dutch De Stijl arts movement that you can also find this mention in the word cloud below based on the topics that were generating the most interest around the Telegraph Garden.


“The Fragrance Garden from Harrods – Heart Notes” – a lot of online conversation were happening around the garden designed by Sheena Seeks and sponsored by Harrods. The garden is a celebration of perfume through the medium of flowers and was inspired by the process in scent creation.Taking the art of perfume making as its theme, the concept garden was reflecting the cross-fertilisation of nature and science, as well as traditional floral perfumes.


Top # RHSChelsea or #Chelseaflowershow Influencers – were you one of them?


We also found out a little bit about the interests of people that were tweeting around the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and apart from the GARDEN and DESIGN as obvious main interest topics, there were posters with interests in fashion, writing, art as well as business.




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The Online Influence Conference 2015 Social Media Breakdown

By Agata Kawa | 

14 May 15 | 

Category: Events


Last week, Synthesio continued its tour of global events at The Online Influence Conference (Oi15) that took place in the UK at Cardiff’s City Hall. This exciting event attracted many key decision makers, social influencers.

Oi 2015 was a chance for attendees to learn how to maximise their digital, social and mobile marketing efforts, and find out what’s next for our industry. Synthesio was honoured to have two speakers at the event:

First, Oliver Lewis, Global Insights Director, spoke about social segmentation in his session: Influencing your Influencer Groups: Social Segmentations. Oliver explained that in order to get the most out of social for your brand, it is crucial that you understand all of the different groups that interact with you all the time. It is also important that you are able to identify how you should be speaking to each different group, and what content you should be providing each audience.

Michael Page, UK Sales Director, was a panelist at Oi 2015’s closing debate: The Future of Social Technology, hosted by William Conner from Price Waterhouse Cooper. The session focused on answering key questions around the differences between social business and social media; how to get business leaders excited about social business, how to build and maintain trust, how customer service is developing in the social environment, and how to anticipate the market and gain insights.

With more than 3,340 online mentions, generating over 8 million impressions across Twitter, Oi 2015 clearly caused quite a stir.

Top Influencers at the Online Influence Conference Oi 2015:



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New mom Kelly Rowland wins social media with most Mother’s Day buzz

By Julie | 

11 May 15 | 

Category: Events

kelly-rowland-baby-boy-titan-photoYesterday, social media was flooded with heartwarming messages and photos in celebration of Mother’s Day 2015, including a huge amount of posts about Hollywood celebrities celebrating Mother’s Day for the first time as new moms.

We dove into our Social Listening insights to find out exactly which top 10 new mom celebs were generating the most buzz this Mother’s Day, and Kelly Rowland took the lead at 29.5%. Looks like this Mother’s Day, former Destiny’s Child member is America’s favorite new mom. Check out where the top 10 new celeb mom’s ranked on social media.

1. Kelly Rowland: 29.5%

2. Eva Mendes: 10.3%

3. Mila Kunis: 9.8%

4. Carrie Underwood: 9.8%

5. Kelly Clarkson: 9.6%

6. Scarlett Johannson: 8.2%

7. Jessica Biel: 8%

8. Blake Lively: 7.8%

9. Savannah Guthrie: 3.6%

10. Lil’ Kim 3.4%

Kelly Rowland and Eva Mendes are cool and all… but know what’s even cooler? The beautiful messages and photographs YOU shared on social media for you own mothers yesterday. Check out some of the the loving terms used in Mother’s Day messages in our Top Mother’s Day Topics Word Cloud.

md (1)


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Running With Social Media: Online Reaction To The 2015 London Marathon

By Adam Dalezman | 

28 Apr 15 | 

Category: Events, Sports Marketing

If you live in the UK, or are a big fan of endurance sports, this past Sunday you were likely watching and talking about the 2015 London Marathon. Synthesio was watching too, but while we were watching and cheering for our favorite runners, we were also watching what everyone was saying online. If you wanted to know what people were talking about during the 2015 London Marathon, then have no fear, we have the answers to all of your questions:

What were people talking about?

With more than 526,000 online mentions revolving around the London Marathon, there were a lot of topics that drove online buzz, however, it is clear when you look at the word cloud comprised of what topics were getting the most buzz at the event, in 2015, Paula Radcliffe’s last race and George Clooney’s upcoming first race (in 2016) were big drivers of online conversation:

word cloud synthesio social intelligence

Brands and businesses spend a lot of money to sponsor major events like the London Marathon, so which sponsors “won” and generated the most buzz?

  1. Virgin (72.1% of all online conversations)
  2. Adidas (13.1%)
  3. Buxton (8.9%)
  4. Lucozade Sport (2.8%)
  5. Abbott World Marathon Majors (2.3%)

Who was talking?

Women comprising 53% of the people who were talking about the London Marathon (with men obviously making up the remaining 47%), and it seems that most people talking about the race were people dreaming of running it one day, as people aged 13-17 were driving most of the conversations (18-24 year olds were the second largest group). It is also worth noting who the most influential posters were:

synthesio social intelligence london marathon sports social media influencers

It is also interesting to see what languages people were posting in:

  1. English (81.7%)
  2. Spanish (7.4%)
  3. Portugese (2.9%)
  4. Italian (2.1%)
  5. French (1.8%)


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