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Bank on Industry-Leading Social Insights

Finance, Banking and Insurance brands need cutting-edge social data to optimize products, assets and client services. Leading global brands trust Synthesio to deliver the industry’s fastest, most accurate and deepest consumer insights from the social web with a powerful platform backed by a world-class customer support team. Synthesio also offers industry-leading thought leadership on use cases for social data, helping finance, banking and insurance brands expand business operations, gain advanced client insights and drive higher ROI across all departments.

Social Media Listening

Multi-Lingual Support for a Distributed Client Base

Social insights can surface anywhere — not just in major markets. Finance, Banking and Insurance brands have customers, operations, assets and personnel spanning the globe. That means it’s vital to know what people are saying about the brand in every country and language.

  • Track and analyze consumer conversations in 196 countries and 80 languages
  • Monitor more than 100,000 websites across diverse markets on 6 continents
  • Filter your research effortlessly from a huge selection of mainstream and social sources
  • Conduct high-level research on Institutional, Government, Company pages and more
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Manage and Resolve Crises in Real Time

Crises can happen unexpectedly, and they’re part of life for brands in the Finance, Banking and Insurance industries. With Synthesio’s tightly synchronized social listening, crisis monitoring, and alerting tools, your brand will be equipped to spot crises and handle them before they escalate.

  • Set up custom alerting schemes for each dashboard to keep all your teams informed
  • Generate alerts based on conversation volume spikes to respond to irregular activity
  • Designate specific events to trigger alerts to key departments, teams or personnel
  • Route specific subsets of content through alerts to stakeholders in your organization
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“Everything at MasterCard starts with listening.”

Jay Mandel, VP Global Digital Marketing

Boost Brand Visibility to Attract New Customers

By proactively engaging with customers on the web, finance, banking and insurance brands can grow existing business and attract new customers. Bring negative situations to resolution quickly, and turn positive situations into upsell opportunities.

  • Analyze all social media conversations related to the brand and specific offerings
  • Use automated sentiment analysis to spot negative and positive conversations
  • Leverage Synthesio’s ROI suite to boost audience growth and user activation on key channels
  • Monitor brand satisfaction with Social Reputation Score™ to spot business opportunities
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Visualize and Share Brand KPIs across the Enteprise

Finance, banking and insurance brands operate in high-velocity markets, and need to distribute large quantities of information quickly and efficiently. With Synthesio Beam, brands can now visualize top KPIs in one pane of glass and keep all teams and departments in the know.

  • Monitor brand and product-related mentions, media and content in real time
  • Measure content performance in real time on owned and earned channels
  • Spot trends as they are developing with dynamic word clouds and rankings
  • Benchmark brand share of voice against competitors or the industry as a whole
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“In 2011, we had 5,000 mentions on social media, last year it was 70,000, and this year we have monitored 250,000 brand mentions.”

Benoit Minvielle, Head of E-Communication
BNP Paribas Fortis
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Connect All Your Systems to Streamline Enterprise Workflows

Enterprise brands in the finance, banking and insurance industries use a variety of software solutions. Synthesio is designed to easily slot into your existing software ecosystem and make it easy to pull social data into other tools.

  • Leverage the most open and robust API on the market to connect your systems
  • Connect Synthesio to CRM, Publishing, Marketing Automation software and more
  • Integrate with any 3rd-party or proprietary platform to provide a seamless user experience
  • Utilize out-of-the-box integrations with industry leaders in publishing, CRM and more
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The social web holds opportunity for leading Finance, Banking and Insurance brands. Want to see how the best-in-class social intelligence platform can help you capitalize?