Our Mission

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Insights Through Social Intelligence
Social Media DNA
To fuel the world’s leading brands with the valuable social insights they need to improve communications, create better products, and make happier customers.
We help brands and agencies find valuable social insights to drive real business value. Focus on the conversations that matter most to your business, track and measure your online reputation, collaborate and engage in real time, and manage consumer relationships in Social Media in one single, easy-to-use platform.
Driving positive business change, and building stronger relationships with consumers since 2006.
With our global coverage, listen in 50+ languages and 220+ countries.
Connect with consumers directly. Take control of your online customer support offering and create winning customer experiences by seeking out customer issues across all mainstream media and providing efficient real-time customer service in one tool.
Analyze with a fully customized mix of cutting-edge tech and human analysis – auto sentiment analysis in 13 languages and human analysis in 30+ languages.Our proprietary SynthesioRank influence ranking system allows you to easily focus on the conversations, individuals and websites that matter most to you.
Market Research
Analyze online conversations, opinions, wants and needs regarding a brand and/or topic. Identify a brand’s strengths, weak signals, opportunities for improvement, and measure competitor presence / progress.
Build a community of brand advocates, identify key influencers and key influential websites to improve targeting and gauge the impact of digital campaigns.
Identify new prospects for lead generation and provide new product info, news and promotions. Use social intelligence to understand consumer wants/needs and integrate in sales materials and pitches.
Customer Service
Improve customer satisfaction. Establish real-time communication between your brand and consumers to improve service and sales. Strengthen brand perception by publicly addressing and resolving issues about your brands and products.
Control brand image / reputation. Identifying new candidates, and communicating directly to facilitate the hiring process.
Identify the beginning of a potential crisis before it spreads, to minimize brand damage through social intelligence. Establish a direct dialogue with key journalists, bloggers, etc. Conduct real-time engagement activities to communicate directly with consumers.