3 Social Media Signs that Predicted Nyle DiMarco Winning ANTM

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3 Social Media Signs that Predicted Nyle DiMarco Winning ANTM


The farewell of America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) made the deaf community more vocal than ever by choosing deaf contestant Nyle DiMarco as the final winner.

All the way through the competition, this quiet contestant has been the loudest on social media. Though this season ANTM stopped incorporating social media into the judges scoring, the social media buzz still generally followed the flows of who was eliminated and the show generated over 235,000 mentions on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook throughout the season.

I used the Synthesio platform to identify three signs from social media that could have been used to predict that Mr. Dimarco would be crowned the last winner of ANTM.

  • Leading the weekly social buzz before the big night

Before the final episode, four contestants were chosen as the semi-finalists. Two of them would be chosen right before the final runway battle to compete for the crown.

As you can see in the graph below, the weekly volume of social media mentions among the four semi-finalists before the finale, Nyle was already leading over half of the total buzz among the four. Runner up is Lacey, who I had mentioned was a rising star in my previous post; however, she did not make it to the final. Instead, it was Mame, who surprisingly was chosen to compete with Nyle for the win, despite only having ¼ of the social buzz that Nyle had.


In the finale, Nyle entered as the most favored finalist on social media, and that didn’t stop during or after the show either.



  • Positively winning sentiment

The automated sentiment analysis provided by Synthesio gives a clear view of how overall sentiment is trending online for a chosen topic. One week before the finale, not only did Nyle have the highest percentage of positive sentiment, but also the lowest negative sentiment.


The male counterpart Michael clearly did not have any advantage for this guy to guy round, ending up with the lowest percentage of positivity, but highest in negativity among the four.

  • Leading Synthesio’s Social Reputation Score (SRS)


Synthesio’s SRS is a score ranging from 0 to 100 to indicate the overall sentiment of chosen topics. Every mention is weighed by Syntheiso Rank, which scores an online mention from 0 to 10 to show how influential it is.

One week before the finale, Nyle was again leading the SRS, with the other three neck and neck with each other.


They say, you cannot have it all; however, Nyle did, at least in the last season of ANTM: the highest social buzz, the most positive sentiment and the highest SRS by Synthesio.

And most importantly, Nyle won the very last ANTM. As Trya Banks said, “the last winner, who happens to be deaf”.

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