3 Supermarkets Stocking up on Social Media Engagement

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3 Supermarkets Stocking up on Social Media Engagement


supermarkets social mediaWhen it comes to shopping at supermarkets, many shoppers have chosen a wider variety and competitive prices from the large supermarket brands, over the familiar and engaging, independent Mom and Pop shops. But in a highly competitive industry where marketing tends to focus on price and convenience across the board, supermarkets need to find new ways to entice customers and stand out from the competition.

Regardless of the convenience, endless options and competitive deals that the major supermarkets promise – the widely loved Mom and Pop shops provide a unique sense of community and direct engagement with their customers – something that is almost impossible for the big brands to recreate.

The advent of social media has actually given big brands an opportunity to provide a more personal touch for engaging with their customers and developing a community around their brand. The big brands may never really be able to trump the warm in-person engagement that the Mom and Pop shops represent – but social media has certainly given them a leg up, and an edge on the competition.

Here are three supermarket brands leading the way with engaging social media strategies:

ASDA – Community Engagement

ASDA understands real social media engagement. Rather than using social media as a broadcasting tool for out-posting information and promotions, they have found a way to really connect with customers. ASDA doesn’t just listen to their customers but uses their feedback to create better customer experiences – in turn, creating a community of brand advocates.

asda supermarkets social media


Tesco – Create Winning Customer Experiences

Tesco’s innovative social media strategy puts customer service at the heart of every interaction, gaining them highly positive recognition as one of the most engaging brands in the industry.

Even with over 100k followers, @Tesco responds to every mention, question, and complaint quickly and in an impressively friendly and personal tone.

tesco supermarkets social media

Whole Foods – Localize your Social Media Channels

Whole Foods started initially with just the @wholefoods account but quickly realized the benefits to localizing their social channels to provide relevant targeted communication with audiences in specific areas.

Many of their stores have their own accounts and they tweet about local events at their store and news related to each area.

whole foods supermarkets social media
Who’s the most engaging supermarket you’ve seen on social media? For more info on social strategy for your business – check out our resources page.

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