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Adapt or Perish


Jim Mitchem of Smash Communications recently tweeted :

[As with all things – adapt or perish.]

Which is probably one of the best summaries of how companies are responding to social media, or at least how they should be, including PR and communications agencies.

PR Week surprised everyone last week by announcing that:

Econsultancy spoke to 1,100 client-side marketers, PR professionals and digital agencies to establish how they were using online and social media.

Nearly half of respondents – 46 per cent – said they did not use reputation or ‘buzz’ monitoring tools to discover what was being said about their brand on the web.

So if you thought that you or your company was one of the few still out of the loop on the social media craze, think again. There is still a number of firms – and these numbers are only from the US – that are learning to listen to online buzz and engage with consumers via this “new” media.

You might want to get started simply by picking any one of these free tools just to see what comes up when you look at a brand or key topics of a certain industry.

  • No Buzz? Then people aren’t talking about your clients online. But they could be.
  • Small level of buzz? You’re off to a good start. What are they talking about? Are the conversations positive? Negative?
  • High level of buzz? You’ve got you’re work cut out for you. Professional tools can help you filter out the noise, find online communities, and discover who your influencers are.

Once you’re ready to start getting down to business, choose a professional monitoring tool such as Synthesio can help you to adapt.       ….Because we don’t want you to perish.

Need more ?

Jason Cohen will tell you and your clients and partners Why you have to engage in social media even if you don’t want to.

Also, if you haven’t seen the video below, we strongly recommend you give it a glance, as well:

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