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America’s Next Top Social Media Model


America’s next top model (ANTM) is a reality TV show that has been on for 12 years, or in the show’s vernacular, 22 Cycles. Since cycle 20, the show has started to feature male contestants and it spiced the drama up significantly on the show.

As with many shows, each contestant is given his or her own official Twitter hashtag, which Synthesio used, in part, to track the social performance of the show. I tracked the show’s social performance using Synthesio’s platform and we found some great data:

Quiet by birth, buzzing by Social

Nyle DiMarco is the first deaf contestant in ANTM, a direct example of Tyra Banks’ continuous effort to challenge the traditional modelling world, dating back to having Isis King as the first transgender contestant in cycle 11.

Though born in a quiet world, Nyle has the loudest voice on social media by having almost a third of all online mentions of all contestants.

America's Next Top Model synthesio

Synthesio’s Social Reputation Score (SRS), a measure of overall sentiment based on sentiment distribution and influence of every mention, also clearly states that Nyle currently has the most positively viewed social presence among all the remaining contestants.

America's Next Top Model

From underdog to rising star.

Lacey Rogers started as an underdog in the show with only 6% of the total share of mentions among all contestants.

America's Next Top Model

However, with consistently strong performances, she now has the 2nd highest share of contestant mentions after Nyle, which is 2.5 times more than what she started with.


Given the current SRS and contestants’ performances, it seems that Lacey has confirmed a seat in the final battle.

The end of ANTM

In the middle of this cycle, Tyra Banks, host and creator of ANTM, announced that the current cycle will be the last.

Synthesio’s automated sentiment analysis has provided a snap view of over 3,500 related mentions generated during the days after Tyra’s announcement. Most mentions are neutral, because of high volumes of retweeting about this, though a large number of fans also have expressed their disappointment about the show ending with the hashtag #DoNotEndANTM.

America's Next Top Model

There are four episodes left until the show’s finale, and we’ll be tracking the data, so check back to see whether social media is correctly predicting winners and trends!

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