_(Bar)Camping out to talk about Online Reputation

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_(Bar)Camping out to talk about Online Reputation


What conclusions were we able to come to last Saturday, April 4 at the online reputation BarCamp at La Cantine?

Web 2.0: Galileo was wrong, the earth is flat!

From Paris to New York, Sydney to Moscow, from one pole to the other, from your grandmother to your best friend, we’re all online…or choose not to be. It’s been a while since anyone would dare say the contrary.

“Online”: it’s an automatic yet necessary play on words, because “on line” means that the horizon has been modified. If we look past it, our view is no longer obstructed by the planet’s curved edges. With the help of a computer or a 3G telephone and the internet, what we can see is limitless. The earth is a screen and mine is flat: sorry Galileo.

OK, but the Earth is also a small village!

Why? Because with Web 2.0 what we do and say, if we choose not to do it behind closed doors via restrictions and passwords, is available for all to see. This is true for all of us in our private lives and even more so for organizations or companies that are not always able to decide which information, positive or negative, is put on the web about them. Not by a long shot!

News is within earshot, no matter where it comes from.

The Internet is a paradox in and of itself: at once a new, young technology, it’s also a device that has transported us back to the days of yore. What we thought we had gotten rid of from back then, in the past, once upon a time, fine, let’s just say a long time ago, has come back with a vengeance. In your own little villages you had to be careful about everything: wear clean clothes on Sundays, don’t be too poor, or too proud, or too rich (unless you’re discreet about it), or too good-looking (whether you’re poor or rich)! Anything and everything was a “faux pas” that could mess up your entire reputation!

Well welcome back. The Web has invited us to behave ourselves once again! Or at least to think about the consequences of our actions, our conversations, our reputations, and our online reputations..

So what did we talk about at the BarCamp? What is an online reputation?

We all have one: entrepreneurs, hyper-caffeinated bloggers, communication experts, marketing specialists, HR specialists, and experts from prestigious universities. Many, many people are passionate and inquisitive about them.

As for the questions, there were some good ones!

  • Which and how many companies and individuals have really measured the impact of Internet users’ opinions?
  • What are the true impacts on consumer purchases, on recruiting, on job seekers, in short, what is the impact of information that can still transmitted by traditional word of mouth at the same time?
  • How can you communicate values of integrity, ethics and transparency for those that want to make the most of their online reputation?

In fact, ethics was the buzz word of the day in all of our conversations among all of those present, whether they were manufacturers, clients or rivals, influencers or students.

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