Breaking Down The Great Firewall of China

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Breaking Down The Great Firewall of China


Synthesio Celebrates March – China Listening Month

Breaking Down The Great Firewall Of China - Chinese Social Media

In the spirit of February’s festivities around Chinese New Year, we’ve decided to carry on the celebrations into March and dedicate the entire month to exploring the state of social media in China in 2013, the tremendous advancements in social media generated by our friends in the East, and the inherent value this represents to the world’s leading brands through listening.

So today, we officially declare March – China Social Media Listening Month!

March will be jam-packed with compelling and fun posts around everything to do with Chinese social media, including an informative white paper on the current state of social media in China, as well as a close look at some of the top social media sites in the most popular country in the world.

We’ll be sharing an exciting infographic on the most influential global celebrities, and reveal how popular they are in the eyes of the Chinese market. *Spoiler alert*…Chinese social media users are surprisingly keen on a certain NBA player for the Miami Heat.

And to top it all off, we’ll be hosting a fascinating webinar with Nate Elliott from Forrester Research to discuss best practices for social media listening in Asia.

To help get you all excited for China Listening Month, here’s a quick teaser sneak peek from our White Paper (coming later this month) – Breaking Down the Great Firewall of China – check out some key insights below, and be sure to check back often throughout March for our next posts!

Did you know?


  • Over half of the internet users in China participate in social media. With almost 1 billion social media users, and the largest annual increase in the number of internet users in Asia, China is now a world leader online.


  • China is one of the most restricted countries in the world in terms of internet, but these constraints have directly contributed to the staggering success of local Chinese social media sites. China’s great firewall, The Golden Shield, is enforced by the Chinese government and serves as a barrier to international sites like Facebook and Twitter.


  • The Chinese account for 35% of the entire Asian population, and 52% of all Asian web users.


  • Foreign companies wishing to establish a presence in the media or social media in China must apply for government authorization, which is only granted if the company agrees to respect the constraints and censorship imposed by the government.


So let’s get the month started with some good conversation. How do you feel about the state of social media in China? Does your brand listen and engage with this market? Post your thoughts below and Happy China Listening Month everyone!

Learn more about Synthesio’s Social Listening platform by requesting a demo below.


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