BT Partners with Synthesio to Monitor the Olympics

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BT Partners with Synthesio to Monitor the Olympics


The 2012 Summer Olympics are fast-approaching and we’re excited to be a part of the action! With the projected millions of visitors that will set foot at the games at the Olympic Park – located in Stratford, Greater London – vendors and Olympic sponsors are focusing their efforts on providing their customers with a quality experience.

BT, a leading phone and digital TV provider for UK homes & businesses, has teamed up with Synthesio to keep a pulse on their consumers who will be attending the Olympic games. BT’s goal is to monitor online complaints in order to rapidly resolve issues and maintain top quality service for their customers.

Our partnership with BT was mentioned in the News section of the website…

“We have been working with BT Retail [which already uses the Synthesio tool] to add more information to the platform so we will receive insights on any positive or negative feedback and look for people discussing issues they are having with our services,” Gary Symes, Service Director 2012 Olympics at BT Global Services, said during an event at the Technology Operations Centre (TOC), attended by V3.

“This will help us quickly dispatch staff to the areas where the problems are occurring and contact the person making the complaint directly and try and help them too.”

Symes mentioned that BT will incorporate learnings from their experiences of monitoring conversations during the Olympic games, to assist with ongoing engagement efforts between BT and their customers, even after the Olympic games have ended.

Although Synthesio is not participating in any of the Olympic sporting events, we’re geared up and ready to assist BT in maintaining satisfied customers, focused on what’s important- the gold medals!


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