Call-Centers: The New Social Frontier

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Call-Centers: The New Social Frontier


Our CEO Loic Moisand is fond of saying that social media will replace call-centers within the next few years. This prediction could also have been the unofficial slogan for Useful Social Media’s Social Media for Customer Service Summit in New York City last week. We were honored to be able to have a booth there, and have Loic speak alongside Dunkin Donuts and American Airlines for a panel discussion titled “Training to take your frontline support team to the next level: Empower your agents to use their personality in customer interactions – whilst maintaining brand voice.”

call-centers social frontierThe overall discussions throughout the entire conference could all be summarized by looking at the incredible ability that a brand has to have a personal relationship with it’s consumers, but that this also presents a large responsibility to make sure that this relationship is treated correctly. For example, just like a customer service call-center would never ignore a phone call, a brand’s social media platforms can’t ignore customer service requests that they get from social media.

Social media is a powerful tool and the connection that it provides consumers and brands is unparalleled with anything we’ve ever had before, this is why it is so important to make sure that companies are fully prepared to handle all customer service interactions. Events like this from Useful Social Media are helping to make sure that these companies are fully prepared. The only way that these brands will be able to realize the full potential of customer service via social media is through training and having the right tools, and we are so glad that we could be able to be a part of this.

For more information about the intersection of customer service and social media, please read our e-book: Be Social Driven: Succeeding with Social Customer Care.

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