Cash Please! The 2015 UK Budget and its Social Media Response

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Cash Please! The 2015 UK Budget and its Social Media Response


Last Wednesday (March 18, 2015) was an important day for the citizens of the UK, as Chancellor George Osborne delivered his Budget speech to the House of Commons in London.

Here are some key points of what was announced:

  • The tax-free personal allowance is being increased in April 2017, to £11,000
  • Introducing the Help to Buy ISA – every £200 people save towards their first home, the government will put in an extra £50, up to a maximum bonus of £3000
  • Cutting beer duty for the third year in a row
  • Increased support for the oil and gas sector
  • Faster broadband and better mobile networks
  • Further investment in science and innovation

For more information on the UK Budget 2015 please click here.

As you may know, the UK is gearing up for a very heated general election in May, and we are always eager to see what is happening online during these types of events. The budget will play a major role in the elections, so given our global presence, we decided to track the UK’s online reaction to the announcement. Check out the fun and interesting information that we discovered:

Who’s posting?

  • 70% of all posters were male
    • 30 % were female
  • The majority of posters were between 25 and 34 years old
  • 8.7% of all posters were positive, while 5.9% were negative about the announcement
  • The top influencers driving the 2015 Budget conversation were:

UK Elections Budget Social Intelligence Influencers

What are they posting about?

  • The most frequently used terms around the 2015 Budget

Social Intelligence Word Cloud Budget

This is the first of many posts we plan on doing about the UK general election, so feel free to let us know in the comment section what data or information you are interested in hearing about the election, and we’ll be sure to make a post about it soon!

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