The Versace for H&M Collection Generating Big Buzz for Both Brands

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The Versace for H&M Collection Generating Big Buzz for Both Brands


To mark the launch of the Versace for H&M Collection, Synthesio monitored and analyzed online comments pertaining to the two brands between November 1st and 19th.

An International Reputation

The partnership between the Swedish and Italian brands has generated considerable buzz, especially on Twitter, the social media of choice for fans of both brands (85% of online comments). The event received international coverage. The United States, the United Kingdom and Spain are the three countries with the highest levels of online reaction to the event.

Two Major Events

The collection launch parade in New York on November 8th and the products becoming available for sale in 800 stores worldwide on November 17th were followed closely and commented on by consumers online.

Versace Gaining Visibility But H&M is the Center of Attention

Versace is leveraging the campaign well to dramatically increase their visibility on the Internet. The day after the parade, the Italian brand was even more quoted than H&M: nearly 24,000 comments were noted. H&M, however, remains at the heart of online consumer discussions with an average of over 13,000 reviews posted daily.

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