Curiosities of Online Reputation Monitoring

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Curiosities of Online Reputation Monitoring


If “tomorrow” is the most popular day to go on a diet, Friday seems to be the day to start online monitoring! For several weeks now it seems as though the entire week is full of appointments, meetings, phone calls, etc. but Friday, FRIDAY is the day that our clients have been choosing to sign contracts with us. What is it about Fridays?

Who’s monitoring your company’s online reputation this weekend?

Perhaps it’s the thought of setting something constructive in motion before heading out for the weekend or the buildup of information throughout the week about the growing importance of social media. Not a bad idea, apparently, as info from Dan Zarella recently showed that Facebook activity more than doubles over the weekend!

Online Reputation

Weekend Facebook shares – are you monitoring them?


But what does this have to do with your online reputation?

Weekend buzz and your e-reputation

Although the suggestion is based on US data only, one of the reasons suggested for the surge in weekend activity is that over 50% of companies (possibly more in Europe) ban the use of social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace while they’re on the time clock. This doesn’t stop employees, however, from sharing their opinions about your company, its practices, or its ins and outs with friends and colleagues over the weekend. Even during the week, 3G phones allow people to share their opinions in uncontrolled, highly visible conversations.

Private conversations aside (though not always), social media monitoring can allow you to stay on top of what’s being said about your company and respond quickly. So whether you decide to start monitoring on a Monday or a Friday is all up to you!

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