[Webinar] How to Build a Customer-Centric Social Organization

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[Webinar] How to Build a Customer-Centric Social Organization


Are you looking to improve your business and create a customer-centric social organization? Then, sign up for our free live Ad Age webinar on March 9th at 1PM EST to hear best practices from social marketing experts.

Businesses understand that they cannot afford to ignore the importance of tracking conversations on social media, but most are missing opportunities as they struggle with finding the true business value in massive amounts of data. Social Intelligence – the process of driving business strategy with data derived from social media is becoming a top priority for many enterprises, as it is critical for understanding and optimizing marketing initiatives across organizational departments.

In this webinar, we will provide you with a clear blueprint of best practices for building a customer-centric social infrastructure that effectively connects Social Data across the enterprise. We will help you determine which use cases are valuable for your organization, while mapping out a framework for KPIs that align to common business goals across verticals.

Sign up for our webinar to learn how to:

  • Build social teams based on business goals and organizational needs
  • Leverage social intelligence data to optimize marketing, sales, and operational strategies
  • Align KPIs with business goals and standard social intelligence use cases
  • Map social intelligence strategies to overall enterprise goals to ensure organizational excellence across channels.


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