Discuss New Marketing Research with Synthesio March 8 : Listening is the New Asking

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Discuss New Marketing Research with Synthesio March 8 : Listening is the New Asking


March 8 New MR will be holding a worldwide, virtual Text Analytics event : Listening is the New Asking

The event will be held in Sydney, London, and New York throughout the day, with 500 places available via a WebEx connection per city/time zone.

Each session will follow the same format:

  1. Introduction by Ray Poynter
  2. Four presentations of 14 minutes, each with 10 minutes of Q&A
  3. A panel discussion of about 20 minutes

Attendees will be able to  ask questions via the platform or via Twitter (following the #NewMR hashtag)

The March 8 program :

Sydney 2pm to 4pm (3am-5am GMT)

  • Ray Poynter, The Future Place
  • Theo Downes-LeGuin, Market Strategies – Can Software-Driven Qualitative Data Analysis Replace the Seasoned Researcher?
  • Jess Whittaker, Buzz Numbers
  • Paul Vittles, The Vittles Organisation – Listen Hear: Transformation through Learning How to Listen

London 10am to midday (10am-12pm GMT)

  • Anna Tomkowizc, Freshminds
  • Catriona Oldershaw, Synthesio – How to combine social and surveys to deliver One Voice of the Customer
  • Liz High, Altrerian
  • John Griffiths, Planning Above and Beyond – Discourse theory

New York 3pm to 5pm (8pm-10pm GMT)

  • Steve Rappaport, The ARF – Putting listening to work: achieving business objectives
  • Catherine van Zuylen, Attensity
  • Carol Haney, Harris Interactive – The Raw Honest Truth v2.0
  • Annie Pettit, Conversition – Quick and Dirty or Slow and Careful: Social Media Data Speaks

You can register for any of the 3 sessions by clicking on one of the links below, bearing in mind that participation in one session will allow you to download the presentations from all 3 :

If you’d like to ask Catriona questions before the event, you can find her on Twitter as @CatrionaTweets

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