The Eighth Day of Blogging – The right way to jump into a hashtag

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The Eighth Day of Blogging – The right way to jump into a hashtag


Please note that this post is a part of our holiday inspired series of blog posts, the “12 Days of Blogging.” We are looking at the brands and the stories that have made the biggest social media splashes in each month of 2014. Today, we continue this series with August:

ALSIceBucketChallenge_PillsburyDoughBoyAcceptsRobReillysChallenge14Hashtags have transcended their original function as a simple user-innovated tool for sharing ideas and creating chat groups on Twitter, and were later adopted as an actual search feature when Twitter decided to hyperlink hashtags to search results. The rest of the socialsphere including Facebook and Instagram, decided to jump on the hashtag feature bandwagon when it appeared that hashtags were here to stay.

Hashtags have become more than just a search function or a way to include a narrative around your posts and images. Marketers have found new, innovative ways to use hashtags to drive conversation, generate community support and create brand awareness. However, far too often brands miss the mark by hijacking hashtags for self promotion, even when the hashtag has little to do with them and their industry.Who could forget last summer when brands around the world participated in the #ALSicebucketchallenge? A brand joining in on a movement like this has to be careful; attempts to support the cause could be perceived as a classless attempt to self promote.

In fact, many brands joined in by transparently plugging new products in their #ALSicebucketchallenge videos, and flashing their logos all over the camera. But, Pillsbury took a pretty simple and cute approach, and even claimed to make a self-titled “dough-nation” to the ALS Association.

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