Synthesio Gains Access To Facebook Topic Data Through DataSift Partnership

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Synthesio Gains Access To Facebook Topic Data Through DataSift Partnership


You may have read our exciting news in VentureBeat (among other places) recently, but if you missed the announcement, we are thrilled to announce the launch of Advanced Audience Analytics with Facebook Topic Data through a strategic partnership with DataSift.

What Is Facebook Topic Data?
Facebook topic data is anonymous and aggregated content data about specific activities, events, brand names and other subjects that people are sharing on Facebook.

What Does This Mean?
This partnership will provide Synthesio customers with the ability to understand, aggregate and analyze the perceptions and trending topics in aggregate form for Facebook’s 1.44 billion users. This data, combined with Synthesio’s social intelligence platform, will empower businesses to analyze:

  • Brand Health – understand popular perception about their brands and products across Facebook’s 1.44 billion users, including what aspects of their products drive the most positive or negative intent
  • Campaign Analysis – identification of what campaign messages are resonating with the overall population, as well as demographic breakdowns to understand what audiences are engaging with the advertiser
  • Content Performance – allowing content creators and publishers to understand where stories are trending throughout the Facebook ecosystem

If you’re an existing customer and have any questions about Advanced Audience Analytics or Facebook Topic Data, please reach out to your Synthesio representative. If you’re not an existing customer and want to see how this addition (and our product overall) can help you with your Social Intelligence, contact us and we’ll get right in touch with you.

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