February updates : dynamic tag cloud, cumulative timeline, subtopics drill-down, etc.

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February updates : dynamic tag cloud, cumulative timeline, subtopics drill-down, etc.


Our clients are likely to notice a few new changes on their dashboards (& integrated into all future dashboards) that we wanted to give you a heads up about. Though nothing earth-shattering, we are continuously working overtime and then some to provide you with the best analytics and monitoring assistance.

Please watch Michelle’s (our Community Manager’s) video below for an overview of these new features !

Verbatim tab

The upper part of the screen now has 3 different viewing modes:

1. The usual timeline

2. A dynamic tag cloud that you can navigate with by clicking on a tag (which will bring forward the corresponding verbatim). Each cloud corresponds to other filters you have chosen below to provide you with a real-time conversation digest !

3. Simplified source profile that display when you click on a source name

These 3 modes of navigation are interchangeable at any moment via the “Actions” box which also allows you to export the data in Excel format and to display a more detailed profile of the site (which will improve considerably in the coming months; we’ll be in touch 😉 )

Topics timeline metric

We’ve added the capability for you to:

– Choose the topics to compare at topic and sub-topic level

– Look at the cumulative data by week, month, or trimester

– Display (or not) the totals on the graph

All of the parameters have now been grouped into a “Settings” icon to allow for more readable menu selections, something we aim to integrate into other future metrics.

We’ve also added some other upgrades to allow you to do more, faster:  drill down on the verbatim page by topic or sub-topic and fly through the data with a higher display speed.

As always, we look forward to your comments, questions, and concerns.

by Thibault

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