On The First Day of Blogging: Audience Identification

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On The First Day of Blogging: Audience Identification


This is the first post in a holiday inspired series of blog posts that we will be publishing over the next 12 business days. We are calling this series the “12 Days of Blogging.” We will be looking at the brands and the stories that have made the biggest social media splashes in each month of 2014. Please let us know what you think of our choices by commenting on our posts. Today, we are starting with January:

In January, the website eConsultancy looked at how Lowe’s, the long-running home improvement store, has refreshed its image and its customer engagement through social media. What the article highlights is how Lowe’s has embraced the fact that in today’s world, retailers need to be utilizing social media for customer engagement purposes.

Lowes Social Media Home Improvement Audience IdentificationIn essence, what makes the work that Lowe’s did on Vine, Facebook and Pinterest really stand out is that it is different for each platform. They took the time to research and understand who their audience is, and, more importantly, where their audiences are located. The Social Intelligence that they gained allowed them to tailor their social strategy for each platform that they were using. This is the type of great information that can be gleaned from proper Social Intelligence, and why Lowe’s was a definitely a social media winner and a great example of the type of data that every brand should be accessing and taking advantage of for their social media plans.

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