This Week In Marketing: Events, Events and More Events!

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This Week In Marketing: Events, Events and More Events!


If you are a marketer, you know that this has been an incredibly exciting week for us, as there were two major events for marketers happening at the same time. The two events were the Forrester Marketing Leadership Forum in New York City and the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit in San Francisco. We were at both events and you know what that means, we tracked all the social data and mentions at both exciting events, and here is what we found:

Forrester Logo

What were people talking about?

With over 6,000 online mentions at the Forrester Marketing Leadership Forum, there were a lot of topics that drove online buzz, however, it is clear when you look at the word cloud comprised of what topics were getting the most buzz at the event, in 2015, ROI and metrics are the most important thing for any marketer:

Synthesio Social Intelligence Word Cloud

Who was talking?

With men comprising 66% of the people who were talking about #FORRForum, it is interesting to see that among the top 10 most influential posters, half of them were women, including 3 of the top 5:

Synthesio Social Intelligence Influencers Events

Marketo Events

What were people talking about?

When looking at the topics that were causing the most buzz at Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit (#MKTGNation), it is clear to see what marketers think about: how to strategically and positively engage with their customer base and make good use of the large amount of data that they are able to pull on a regular basis (surprisingly, John Legend wasn’t in this word cloud, but rest assured, his mini-concert was fantastic!):

Synthesio Social Intelligence Word Cloud Events

Who was talking?

What is really interesting when you look at the top influencers from the event is that most of them were brands. To us, this shows the power of Marketo and the importance of marketing information to brands and businesses, since they were the ones that were talking about what was happening and being said at the sessions more than any individual person:

Synthesio Influencers Social Intelligence Events

Another interesting bit of information to note is that 55% of people discussing Marketing Nation online were men. However, what really stood out to us is that the average age of people discussing Marketing Nation was 35-44. If you connect age to executive seniority, this shows us that the folks that were at Marketing Nation, and discussing it, were senior marketers and decision makers.

We had a great week attending both of these exciting and informative conferences, and while it was exhausting, we look forward to doing it all over again next year!

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