Four Ways the Auto Industry Can Fuel the Customer Cycle with Social Intelligence

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Four Ways the Auto Industry Can Fuel the Customer Cycle with Social Intelligence


One thing that we are very proud of at Synthesio, is our global capabilities and connections. This is why we were very excited to be sponsoring the 14th Annual ENG Auto CRM & Marketing Excellence Summit in Berlin in November. This event featured nearly 100 leaders in marketing, CRM and digital executives for the auto industry, dealers and rental/leasing companies.

Our very own Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Thibault Hanin spoke at the conference with a session titled “How to Make Your Company Customer-Centric Using Social Intelligence.” In his discussion, Thibault discussed ways to integrate Social Intelligence, and social media overall, throughout the entire customer life-cycle. Specifically, there are four things that every automotive company needs to know:

  1. Scaling customer-centric social strategies across the enterprise takes time but pays off
  2. Distribute structured data to the right people at the right time, across all departments, helping you break down the silos
  3. Develop business-facing KPIs for each stage of the customer journey
  4. Connect the dots to get the full picture across all customer touch points

Thibault’s session fit in with the overall themes of the summit as well, which included a mix of strategic insight, case studies and interactive panels and presentations where best practice strategies were discussed. The big question that was asked was “how can you transform the modern CRM strategy to go beyond lead generation and data collection, into a customer centric approach and continuous communication flow that will enhance the brand and customer relationship.

We are eagerly looking forward to continuing the great conversations we started this year, at next year’s 15th annual Summit. We highly recommend this event, so you should reach out to them and find out as much information as you can:

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