On The Fourth Day of Blogging: Real-Time Engagement

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On The Fourth Day of Blogging: Real-Time Engagement


When it comes down to it for social media, the ultimate goal for any brand is to be able to have real-time engagement and interact with your customers. In April, Qdoba achieved that in a fun and exciting way that created great buzz for the brand from their consumers.

Qdoba Queso Showdown Social Media

Qdoba launched its Queso Showdown, a social media campaign where fans voted between two different queso dishes, and the winning queso flavor would be handed out to any consumers/fans that registered for it, for free one day. The most incredible feature of this campaign was the fact that Qdoba updated the results of the voting in real-time throughout this contest. The constant real-time updates helped excite fans and create a buzz to get their favorite flavor to win so they can get free food.

The point of social media marketing is to reach new audiences, take advantage of the ability to interact with your customers in real-time and build a buzz around your brand. In April of 2014, Qdoba did each of these things, and they did each of them very well.

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