[Infographic] Tour de France 2011: Competitors & Sponsors – Who Were the Real Winners?

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[Infographic] Tour de France 2011: Competitors & Sponsors – Who Were the Real Winners?


On July 24th Cadel Evans was the 1st Aussie to win the 98th Tour de France. Behind the winner and each competitor there is a Sponsoring brand without which their performances would not have been possible. At Synthesio, we like digging deeper into events to better understand the outcomes and the impact on all involved. So we asked ourselves several questions:

Which of the sponsors is the true winner of the Tour de France? What is the value of sponsoring the winner as opposed to the runner-ups? How prominent has their visibility been throughout the Tour? What about their return on investment regarding offline communication (ads in newspapers, on television, etc.) as related to their online visibility?

In order to obtain relevant data and analysis, Synthesio collected sponsor-related data corresponding to April, May and June 2011.  Thanks to its advanced monitoring tools and smart research with human analysis, , Synthesio has been able to gather coherent data which traces the evolution of the Sponsors’ added online visibility resulting from the Tour de France.

Now we can clearly see the impact of the Tour de France on the Sponsors, and begin to understand the value and resulting ROI of their investment. So, who really won the Tour de France 2011?  Check out our infographic below to find out!

What’s your opinion on the visible presence of the Sponsors? How do you feel about the relevance of this type of analysis for sports events? Do you think that the Tour de France will have an impact on the Sponsors’ visibility and sales? Let us know what you think, and share your opinions with us below!

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