“Googling” your business is not enough

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“Googling” your business is not enough


The case for B2B social media has been well documented over the past few months (herehere, and here to cite just a few), but one of the most important components a business must take into account before deciding to embark on the journey that is social media monitoring, is :

Where are my clients online and how do they get their business information?

Business.com recently published a B2B Social Media Benchmarking Study that broke down responses from 2,393 participants to find out which social media resources they use to get information they need to do their jobs.

More than half of the respondents use social media sites to search for information; clearly, “Googling” your business is not enough anymore. Now you have to “Twitter search”, “Collecta“, “CrowdEye“, “YouTube” your company or brand to protect your online reputation. As for those podcasts? Here are some webinars and podcasts to follow

Corporate sites are nowhere to be seen.

The closest is visiting company blogs.

With all of this information available in real time, decision makers are clearly making the choice to rely on up-to-date information from peers and industry thought leaders – don’t you? Also, there was a significant difference in which forums B2B and B2C companies are most likely to participate; LinkedIn answers for B2B companies, and Yahoo! Answers, WikiAnswers, and Answers.com for B2C companies.

Finally, one statistic we were encouraged to see is that more than 2/3 of respondents – both B2B and B2C – chose YouTube as their #1 choice for sharing content.  See you there 😉

N.B. Business.com highlighted that “It is important to note at the outset that the results reported here are from study participants already involved in using social media for business, either using social media as a business information resource, working for a company actively planning or engaged in one or more business social media initiatives, or both.”

The report also details usage of social media in the Automotive, Computers & Software, Financial Services, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Industrial Goods & Services, Internet & Online, Legal, Media & Entertainment, Real Estate & Construction, and Retail industries.

To download a copy of the report : http://www.business.com/info/b2b-social-media-benchmark-study

by Michelle

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