GOP Debate: Terrorism and The Donald Dominate Social Media

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GOP Debate: Terrorism and The Donald Dominate Social Media


Last night the Republican candidates for the 2016 United States Presidential election partook in their last debate of 2015. Synthesio has been tracking the social media mentions of the candidates and the important issues that these campaigns are focusing on, here is some of what we found from last night.

The Candidates

In news that should not surprise anyone, Donald Trump once again was the most buzzed about candidate, with a strong 33.5% of all online mentions of the candidates. Ted Cruz was a distant second with 12.5%, as he and Jeb Bush (11.2%) had a much closer battle to see who would end up with the 2nd most mentions.

social media candidates gop debate donald trump

What might be more surprising is that Donald Trump also had the highest amount of positive mentions, with 11.2%, yet he also had the 2nd highest amount of negative mentions with 11%. Mike Huckabee took the honor of the most negative mentions with 15.9%, while Ted Cruz had the lowest amount of negative mentions with 2.6%, but he also had the lowest amount of positive mentions with 3.1%. While Ted Cruz is definitely generating mentions, he is clearly not leaving much of an impression one way or the other, as people seem to view him in a mostly neutral way.

gop debate sentiment donald trump

The Issues

While gun control might be driving most of the conversations around this country right now, it was only the 3rd most discussed topic online during the debate, as Terrorism was the most mentioned topic with 31.1% of the online mentions. Foreign Policy, likely in large part to Trump’s controversial stance and comments, was the 2nd most discussed topic with 14.6% of online mentions.

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Who’s Discussing The Debate?

Were you discussing the debate last night? If so, you probably fit into the demographics data that we discovered about those that were talking about it online:

  • Men discussed the debate more than women (65% of mentions came from men with the remaining 35% from women).
  • Millenials and young voters that are just now old enough to vote are not keeping their thoughts quiet as 18-24 year olds lead the charge on discussing the debate, with 25-34 year olds coming in next.

Did you watch the debate? Do you have any thoughts on the data we pulled? Let us know in the comment section!

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