Hotel industry checks in to social media

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Hotel industry checks in to social media


Since the start of this recession, one of the hardest hit industries has been the tourism industry. Every traveler was looking to save a buck, and the Internet provided the resources to find the lowest prices. Suddenly brand name wasn’t everything anymore. Price became king.

Travelers could easily find out that if they took the (free) airport shuttle to a hotel that was a little farther out, they could save money – more shopping, please!

Accor International hotels decided it was time to take action and start listening to what consumers have to say about hotels and hospitality services online.

Virginie Bignon, of Accor in Paris, met with us to discuss :

– Why it is important to monitor online conversations?

– Why did they choose Synthesio?

– Are online conversations helpful or just noise?

What about you? How are you listening to social media?

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