ICYMI: This Week in Social Media and Marketing

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ICYMI: This Week in Social Media and Marketing


Synthesio, the leading global social intelligence platform, pulls the top social media and marketing at the stories each week. Check out which noteworthy stories we thought you need to know!


If You Run Fast Enough Past This Reebok Ad, It Unlocks a Free Pair of Sneakers via Adweek

facebook-virutal-reality We have no idea how fast 17 kph really is, but this kind of thing is clearly perfect for riling up a crowd of people. “We really like the idea of taking a classic billboard and turning it into something disruptive and unique,” says Markus Schramm, creative at ad agency Animal, which devised the stunt. “This gives customers an instant experience, and as a brand, we’re able to provide something of real value.” “For us at Reebok, it’s important to do things for real and to actually activate the target group,” adds Filip Lagerbäck, PR and social manager at Reebok Nordic. “We want to inspire people to run and push their limits, even when they’re not at the gym. That’s what our tagline ‘Be More Human’ is all about.”


Coke and McDonald’s Are Now in the Virtual Reality Business via Eater

virtual-reality-coca-cola-mcdonalds Giant food companies are now pushing virtual reality along with their sugary sodas and chicken nuggets. Coca-Cola has unveiled a new design for its retail packaging in which the cardboard can be folded into virtual reality glasses designed to be used with a smartphone. While the packaging hasn’t yet hit stores, VR is something the company has been working on for a while: It previously dipped its toe into the VR world at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, where fans strapped on VR goggles and were “transported” from the locker room to playing on the field. Meanwhile, McDonald’s own foray into virtual reality headsets is already on the market— in Sweden, at least. The fast-food corporation is offering a limited run of “Happy Goggles,” VR headsets that are made from folding Happy Meal boxes. As The Verge explains, “The Happy Goggles are formed by tearing a portion of the specially designed Happy Meal box into a foldable outer shell.” Then a pair of included VR lenses are inserted into the cardboard form, which, like Google Cardboard, is designed to be used with a smartphone.


Apple opens a Twitter account to answer your tech problems via Engadget

Sometimes it’s infuriatingly difficult to get a Genius Bar appointment at your local Apple store. So if your Mac is on the fritz and you’ve got an important meeting to attend, what are your options? Ask a friend, or dive into some forums? How about asking for help on Twitter? If that last one appeals to you, good news — Apple has set up an account today to facilitate just this sort of Q&A. Why it’s taken so long to create is anyone’s guess, but it’s here now, so feel free to bombard @AppleSupport the next time everything randomly disappears from your iCloud account.


Instagram won’t let you promote some other social media accounts anymore via The Next Web

instagram-advertising-social-media When it comes to self-promotion, Instagram is probably one of the best tools around. With over 400 million users across the globe, leveraging its linkable website section in your profile to promote your other social accounts has always been worthwhile. However, the company has pulled the plug on external self-promotion for certain social networks. As spotted by Telegram’s founder Pavel Durov and confirmed by Instagram to TechCrunch, you will no longer be able to link to your personal Snapchat or Telegram accounts in your profile – just the general homepage. An Instagram spokesperson said the decision was made because it is “not the way our platform was intended to be used.“ It’s an interesting move. Since its launch in 2010, the company has remained the forerunner for visual storytelling and innovative advertising, despite its closed-wall approach to external links.


Beyond gaming: Facebook creates ‘social virtual reality’ team via Netimperative

facebook-virutal-reality Mark Zuckerberg made a surprise appearance at Samsung’s Mobile World Congress event, touting the rise of virtual reality and Facebook’s new social VR team. Appearing on stage as the audience removed their VR helmets after a Samsung demo (see video captured below), Zuckerberg also revealed that Facebook will be bringing its dynamic streaming technology for 360 video to Gear VR.


LinkedIn Is Now Allowing Marketers to Target Ads at Specific Companies

linkedin-marketing-strategy LinkedIn is now letting businesses target ads based on companies they’re actually trying to sell to. On Tuesday, the company announced that marketers running native ads through Sponsored Updates or Sponsored InMail campaigns can target user profiles based on a list of companies they want to reach with specific products or other sales. The feature, which is appropriately named LinkedIn Account Targeting, allows marketers to provide a list of as many as 30,000 companies they want to target in a campaign. LinkedIn then checks to see which of those are among the 8 million companies on the platform before targeting their pages, as well as the profiles of people at those companies that match certain criteria such as job duties and seniority.


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