ICYMI: This Week In Social Media And Marketing

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ICYMI: This Week In Social Media And Marketing


Each week, Synthesio does a round up of note-worthy news about social media and marketing. Here are this week’s top trending stories:


And the winner of the GOP debate is … Megyn Kelly via Mashable

On a stage with several experienced candidates debating their way into the favor of the public, the winner was….Megyn Kelly. Kelly, the Fox News anchor and lightning rod for Donald Trump’s hate, came into Thursday night’s debate under plenty of pressure. Not that you could have sensed it. Debuting a sleek, powerful new look, Kelly’s moderation of the Republican presidential debate on Fox News drew widespread accolades, particularly for hard-hitting questions directed at candidates’ positions. Kelly had become a particular focus of the debate after Donald Trump announced that he would not appear at the event.


Barbie’s new body: curvy, tall and petite via CNN

Girls and women don’t come in one shape, and now, finally, Barbie won’t either. Now, in addition to the original Barbie — impossibly slender and often parodied — the doll will come in tall, petite and curvy varieties. Mattel announced the new line Thursday on its website and in a Time magazine article featuring the cover headline, “Now can we stop talking about my body?” “We have to let girls know it doesn’t matter what shape you come in, that anything is possible,” Tania Missad, director of consumer insights for the doll line,said in a video on the Barbie brand website. According to Mattel, Barbie will now come in four body types and seven skin tones, with 22 eye colors and 24 hairstyles. In all, 33 dolls will roll out in stages, spokeswoman Michelle Chidoni said. The move comes a year after Mattel introduced Barbies with moveable ankles that would allow the dolls to wear flat shoes for the first time.


Twitter names new marketing chief after executive exodus via New York Post
The new appointment comes after Dorsey confirmed reports over the weekend that four senior execs were exiting: Media head Katie Jacobs Stanton, product chief Kevin Weil, engineering division head Alex Roetter and human-resources head Brian “Skip” Schipper. Twitter co-founder Dorsey, who is 100 days into his second stint as CEO, is overhauling the company in a bid to reboot growth. The share price fell 35 percent last year as Twitter struggled to sign up new users.


Google Beats Facebook To AI Board Game Breakthrough via Newsweek

A Google artificial intelligence algorithm has beaten a professional human player at the ancient Chinese board game Go for the first time. The search engine giant made the announcement of the AI breakthrough on Wednesday, just hours after Facebook revealed that six months of its own research into creating a Go-playing AI had failed to beat a human. Go represents a much more significant challenge for artificial intelligence software than other board games like backgammon, chess and draughts due to the complexity of the game. In an average 150-move game, the number of possible board combinations is larger than the number of atoms in the universe.


YouTube Donation Cards Let Viewers Donate Money To Charity Without Leaving Site via Digital Trends
YouTube has rolled out a new feature that lets creators in the U.S. add prompts for charity donations directly to their videos. Now, when someone views a video that has a donation card enabled, they will be able to contribute money to the creator’s charity of choice, without having to leave YouTube to visit an external site. Donation cards allow creators to raise money for any U.S. IRS-validated, public non-profit organization; an extensive list of applicable charities can be found here. The non-profit will receive 100 percent of the donation, according to YouTube.


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