Inception – 3 levels of dreams hits well with gamers and forums

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Inception – 3 levels of dreams hits well with gamers and forums


If you only saw one movie this summer, we hope it was Inception. OK, not really ; but seeing as the level of buzz around the movie was just too great not to dig a little deeper, we thought we’d do just that…

At the first level of dreams, we found out that Warner used a multichannel marketing campaign to launch the initial Inception buzz and maintain it throughout the summer. They launched a Facebook page which not only asked for movie-goers’ reviews but also included a ‘must read’ online comic book prequel, The Cobol Job. Even earlier, they had launched the official movie site at the same time as an online video game Mind Crime. Players could unlock various hints and pieces of information about the film as they went further, creating a “drip feed” for fans.

Unfortunately we can only go back 6 months for social media monitoring data, so we decided to look at the breakdown of online buzz starting on the very first launch date – July 8, 2010 in the UK.

If we look at blogs, forums and mainstream media from July 8 to today, August 30, we can see that the buzz created via social media has paid off.

79.1% of all conversations around Inception have taken place on social media – – not counting Facebook and Twitter!**

Winning the war of social media buzz

Where, exactly though, were these conversations taking place ? If we dig a bit deeper into where people were talking, we can see that

A major part of the Inception buzz has been happening on forums :

Makes sense for a movie that launched much of its buzz through an online video game. Forums allow visitors to ask each other questions that others can find answers to later. Skilled gamers can equally share their expertise with others by being the first to leave acceptable answers about unlocking secret codes, finding hidden paths, etc.

Which forums, then, were the most popular ?

If we limit the scope to just forums, still in 25 countries and 50 languages,

The most influential forums for Inception have been :

  1. The SuperHero Hype! Boards (USA)
  2. Rotten Tomatoes (USA)
  3. Fan Forum (USA)
  4. Inthemix Forums (Australia)
  5. Naruto Forums (USA)
  6. Forum Cinema em Cena (Brazil)
  7. Comics in Leipzig Forum (Germany)
  8. Forum Blue Ray en Français (France)
  9. Forum Allo Cine (France)
  10. Project COVO Global Forum (USA)

Quite an international mix of forums, wouldn’t you say ?

What do you think ? Does this look like a healthy mix of forums? Which types of sites would you have targeted for a film like Inception?


If you still haven’t seen the movie – – what are you waiting for ? 😉

**Facebook groups and pages would only lead to higher levels of social media buzz, as well as Twitter ; Twitter only allows 10 days of backdata, however.

NB : Inception still has a few more premiers to make – so may the buzz continue!

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