Influencer Marketing: Measuring Its True Value

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Influencer Marketing: Measuring Its True Value


Simply put, all social media marketing is influencer marketing. At a micro level, when I share a video with my meager audience of followers, there’s a good chance that a handful of people from that group will share with their networks, and so on. This creates a miniature viral wave of influence which would barely cause a blip on an analytics radar. At the macro level, content creators with huge audiences of engaged followers have the power to impact both metrics bottom-line revenue. YouTube ‘unboxers’ and ‘reviewers’ generate massive viewership which leads to audience reach is both valuable and actionable for brands. As a result, ‘Influencer Marketing’ has become one of the most vital tools in a brand’s marketing matrix. To date our product team has concentrated efforts on identifying social media users with influence and today we announced a new platform integration with Octoly that will take our influencer marketing capabilities to the next level.

Octoly, a leading global platform that offers brands access to thousands of influential content creators on social networks, will empower our clients to measure the impact of their Influencer Marketing campaigns in the same way they currently track paid, owned, and earned media success. The ability to measure the efficacy of influencer marketing programs provides another layer of validation to the ROI of social campaigns, which, of course, gives a clearer picture of the overall impact of marketing efforts to engage consumers at the 1:1 level.

Influencer Marketing is incredibly popular among the most successful marketing-driven brands, but most still struggle to measure the impact of qualitative content that their brand advocates deliver to target audiences. Our new integration with Octoly will enable our clients to surface content produced by their incented influencers, so it can be segmented, tagged, and tracked for return on impact.

We’d love to show you how this all works, so feel free to request a demo and see how to bring your Influencer Marketing to the next level.


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