It’s a Small(er) World: Understanding the Landscape with a Social Media Audit

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It’s a Small(er) World: Understanding the Landscape with a Social Media Audit


social media audit disneyland parisDisneyland Paris, likely the most popular Amusement Park in Europe, engaged Synthesio to execute a social media audit to better understand, engage, and serve its customers, prospects and online community.


In an industry where online reviews and word of mouth referrals have such a significant impact on attracting new customers, it’s imperative for amusement parks to fully understand their customers and industry’s landscape and have a firm grasp on where their community lives online and how they engage – in order to craft an effective social strategy that will drive positive buzz and create brand awareness.


Synthesio used its social listening dashboard to listen and analyze several factors related to social media conversations around Disneyland Paris, including: sentiment, geo-location, language, topic and social influence.

Here is what Synthesio looked for:

What are customers saying about Disneyland Paris? What are the most discussed topics? Are their opinions about Disneyland Paris positive or negative? Which topics are generating the most positive and negative feedback, and from whom, and where?

After studying and analyzing social analytics, Synthesio delivered a customized Social Media Audit to Disneyland Paris.


Disneyland Paris now has a unique opportunity – Synthesio’s insights have armed Disneyland Paris with the intelligence it needs to identify and quantify marketing and communication opportunities on social media, and prioritize its future social media actions.

The insights gained have determined which topics specifically generate the most positive comments on Facebook and Twitter, representing a unique opportunity to leverage guests enthusiasm through advocacy programs. With these newfound discoveries under their belt, Disneyland can build a series of advocacy programs around these specific topics, which recruit enthusiasts guests on Facebook and Twitter and proactively encourage them to create content and testimonials.

The research further uncovered a very interesting fact – influential people and celebrities often talk about Disneyland Paris on social media. Disneyland Paris can easily identify their key online influencers through social listening and nurture their relationship to generate powerful word of mouth.

These are just a few of the insights uncovered for Disneyland Paris. Not only will Synthesio’s insights enable Disneyland Paris to better understand the differences between customers and potential customers, as well as differences between audiences in the UK and France – but these discoveries around who, what, where, when, how and why, will help Disneyland Paris provide better customer service, better communication, deliver more targeted messaging and create more brand awareness.

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