King of Christmas Adverts, John Lewis, wins Social Media with #ManOnTheMoon

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King of Christmas Adverts, John Lewis, wins Social Media with #ManOnTheMoon


Every year, the retail giants of the UK and the advertising agencies that support them, work hard to compete for the unofficial title of “best holiday advert”. This year we decided to weigh in on the competition by looking at social insights, to see which advert truly wins the popularity contest on social media.

What really resonates with UK consumers around the holidays?

According to our unsolicited social data, consumers in the United Kingdom are responding most positively to holiday ads focused on helping others, humourous advert spoofs, and sentimental messages around reaching out to loved ones during the holiday season.

Top 5 UK Holiday Adverts

Ranked by social mentions

John Lewis #ManOnTheMoon

The king of Christmas commercials focuses its story this year on a girl called Lily who, through her telescope, spots a lonely old man on the moon.

A lot of the social buzz around John Lewis this year was excited tweets and posts in anticipation for their legendary holiday adverts, with over 32K social mentions the day the advert was launched.


Sainsbury’s #ChristmasIsForSharing

Mog the cat is back in Judith Kerr’s ‘Mog’s Christmas Calamity’ for Sainsbury’s, who are also selling the book and Mog stuffed toy, donating profits to Save the Children’s work to improve child literacy in the UK.

#ChristmasIsForSharing was also the hashtag that Sainsbury’s used to promote the campaign through social media and it instantly turned viral, while the Youtube video reached 5.5 million views in just 2 days!

Social buzz around Sainsbury’s holiday advert was for the most part positive, but Mog the Cat sold out in stores very quickly – sparking quite a few negative mentions on Facebook as people wanted to buy these as gifts for children who loved the advert.


Coca-Cola #HolidaysAreComing

“You know it’s Christmas when the Coca-Cola advert comes on”, was one of many tweets we saw around the highly anticipated Coca-Cola Christmas advert. The iconic “Holidays are Coming” jingle has been gracing our screens for 20 years now.

Aldi: John Lewis spoof advert & #AldiFavouriteThings

Aldi created two holiday ads this year – a funny spoof on the John Lewis advert, and a cute Christmassy take on “My Favourite Things” from the Sound of Music. Aldi had the greatest share of positivity with 62% with their spoof advert of the John Lewis ad. They also slam dunked with their #AldiFavouriteThings advert, where users were able to enter a competition to win a hamper of products when they RT, which additionally boosted the social buzz around the brand.


Marks & Spencer #TheArtOfChristmas

Marks and Spencer’s highly stylised advert echoes the brand’s “Art of” campaign, from the party season to the exhaustion of Christmas morning. Marks and Spencer also ran a competition on Twitter this year where users needed to RT a Tweet to win a handbag featured in the Christmas advert. This smart marketing tactic of tying their adverts into a product focused social campaign helped them see over 2k retweets after launching the campaign yesterday.

Take a look at the full breakdown of UK brands by Share of Voice this Christmas on Social Media (click to enlarge)

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