Leveraging Social Media for Pharmaceutical Companies

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Leveraging Social Media for Pharmaceutical Companies


The use of social media has increased phenomenally: people are now sharing 30 billion comments on Facebook every month, along with 2 billion tweets and several billion comments on blogs and forums. And, it’s important to learn how to use social media for pharmaceutical companies. In fact, 20% of user generated content mentions a specific drug or disease.

This natural tendency of patients, physicians, and caregivers to share when it comes to their health can be of huge value for brands. The challenge comes from making sense of large quantities of data while abiding with legal regulations.

Discover Synthesio’s white paper here

In the white paper you will find:

  • How Social Media is Changing the Rules in Pharma
  • Detecting and Managing Adverse events
  • Creating digital initiatives that meet legal regulations
  • As well as several case studies

Social Media For Pharmaceutical Companies

Download the white paper

Also, our thanks to the Pharma and Healthcare Social Media Wiki and to Pew Internet Research for the Social Life of Health Information.

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