Running With Social Media: Online Reaction To The 2015 London Marathon

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Running With Social Media: Online Reaction To The 2015 London Marathon


If you live in the UK, or are a big fan of endurance sports, this past Sunday you were likely watching and talking about the 2015 London Marathon. Synthesio was watching too, but while we were watching and cheering for our favorite runners, we were also watching what everyone was saying online. If you wanted to know what people were talking about during the 2015 London Marathon, then have no fear, we have the answers to all of your questions:

What were people talking about?

With more than 526,000 online mentions revolving around the London Marathon, there were a lot of topics that drove online buzz, however, it is clear when you look at the word cloud comprised of what topics were getting the most buzz at the event, in 2015, Paula Radcliffe’s last race and George Clooney’s upcoming first race (in 2016) were big drivers of online conversation:

word cloud synthesio social intelligence

Brands and businesses spend a lot of money to sponsor major events like the London Marathon, so which sponsors “won” and generated the most buzz?

  1. Virgin (72.1% of all online conversations)
  2. Adidas (13.1%)
  3. Buxton (8.9%)
  4. Lucozade Sport (2.8%)
  5. Abbott World Marathon Majors (2.3%)

Who was talking?

Women comprising 53% of the people who were talking about the London Marathon (with men obviously making up the remaining 47%), and it seems that most people talking about the race were people dreaming of running it one day, as people aged 13-17 were driving most of the conversations (18-24 year olds were the second largest group). It is also worth noting who the most influential posters were:

synthesio social intelligence london marathon sports social media influencers

It is also interesting to see what languages people were posting in:

  1. English (81.7%)
  2. Spanish (7.4%)
  3. Portugese (2.9%)
  4. Italian (2.1%)
  5. French (1.8%)

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