Lugging It To London: Barry Furby Completes Charity Bike Ride

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Lugging It To London: Barry Furby Completes Charity Bike Ride


Whilst everyone was bunkering down from the wind and rain during the past weekend, a brave, if slightly insane crew of London tech professionals took it upon themselves to cycle from Paris to London. As we mentioned in a previous post, one of our Sales team, Barry Furby, was involved in this event known as TechBikers, and boy are his legs regretting it now.

The group of 40 TechBikers rode 250 miles over three days, which included 1500 feet of hills each day – arriving back in England on the final day of riding to be met helpfully with torrential wind and rain.

Some more difficult-to-comprehend facts for you; collectively, the group burned approximately 68,634 calories and completed nearly 4 million pedal revolutions during their epic ride.

TechBikers jumping

Aside from the fact that all of this would seem sheer folly to most of us, there was a great cause at the heart of the event: the charity ‘Room to Read’. TechBikers set a fundraising target of £13,000, and managed to raise over £22,800. On top of that, both Google and Microsoft have contributed significantly to the fundraising, meaning there are now solid allocation plans for Nepal in 2013:

  • One two room School Construction project at 22,000 USD (Brand new school built)
  • One Constructed Library at 20,000 USD (brand new library built)
  • One School Library at 5,000 USD (re-purposing of an existing room in a school with no library, filled with books)
This is an amazing result for a weekend of challenge and fun!
Techbikers Raise Money

Beyond this event there are now plans for future Techbiker events across Europe and a sterling example set for other tech communities across the world to embark on their own charity bike ride missions.

Amidst Barry’s exhausted grunting, we could just make out that it was one of the most amazing experiences he’s taken part in. Both Barry and Synthesio would like to thank everyone who donated.

You can find out more information about the event here.

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