Managing your online reputation is a delicate task

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Managing your online reputation is a delicate task


The Drapeau Blanc agency, created by the union of two public relation agencies specialized in consumer communication ( Passerelles and WebReport), have published their white paper that brings together various pieces of advice with regards to corporate-consumer relationships. The “Five Main Checks” are well written and clearly show the experience they have. The blogosphere doesn’t pardon negligent bloggers… once a blog post has been published, you can count on it being there for quite a while!

Once again it is interesting to see the remark that the Internet user is “in control”, an expression that seems to group all consumers into one category as having the same amount of influence. It’s crucial to see, however, that certain ones have definitively more influence than others in regards to a company’s online reputation.

To give an example, Sprint just recently sent a complimentary Blackberry to Loïc LeMeur following a post on his Twitter account that they were not offering the new version. His friend didn’t get quite the same response (if he got any) to similar posts on his own Twitter account: seems like a bit of a double standard…

Happy reading to those who haven’t yet downloaded the white paper 🙂

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