Maybe Apple doesn’t need interactive marketing…

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Maybe Apple doesn’t need interactive marketing…


Less than 1 month ago Apple seemed to have a little problem with a little something called the iPhone 4 antenna.

Except we’re still not really sure there even was a problem. But we’re sure that you’ve heard of it, maybe sang along about it, but you may have missed the gracefulness with which Steve Jobs responded.

Apple is a class example of a company chronically criticized for their lack of disclosure. It’s even been overheard that in order to work for Apple you have to sign a non-disclosure contract the size of 8 iPads put together.

They’ve therefore classically been criticized for not marketing interactively, ie putting free things into peoples’ hands to try and say that they’re cool.

We decided to investigate the legitimacy (or lack thereof) behind these claims.

Is Apple actually able to still use “push” marketing? ARE they using “push” marketing?

Or are they listening? Very, very closely and know you better than you even know yourself..

The rise and fall of Antennagate

We looked at the buzz around the iphone4 and its antenna uber-non-problem, from July 7th (one week before Steve Jobs’s press conference) and August 6th (today), we can see the build-up of people becoming increasingly worried and not understanding zwhat was going on with their iPhones…

even if theirs were still working..

So Steve Jobs held a last-minute press conference

He gave reporters 24 hours to get to him

Lest there be one reporter that get the entire juicy story all by himself.


The buzz died happily ever after

And we never really heard from it again

In fact…

The buzz was way more prolonged on social media than mainstream

blogs and forums killed the radio star (and this doesn't even take Facebook and Twitter into account)


Steve Jobs has discovered the new model of marketing

Unintrusive marketing

He only enters into the circle when there really does seem to be a problem, even if there’s not. He perhaps recognized the growing levels of concern and realized that if he reached that Tipping Point of a critical mass of terrified customers, he would lose the war forever.

So he took the stage.

The masses were calmed.

Listening and knowing how to react to buzz online is far more important than having your social media in place. Listening can help you learn how to respond to different situations quickly and effectively.

And, well, if you can’t think of a strategy to go with the listening, you could always take Mike Phillip’s and Stedmeister’s advice 😉

Just kidding 😉

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