Mobile World Congress Day 2: Look Who’s Talking On Social Media

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Mobile World Congress Day 2: Look Who’s Talking On Social Media


Following the overview of Day 1 of Mobile World Congress, we are continuing to pull social data from the show and were interested to see if the volume of mentions continued to be as high as they were, and find out who the users are that are posting about the show.

On day 2 of MWC, there were nearly 118,000 total online mentions throughout the day:



What really stood out was that the highest amount of online mentions occurred at 11:00am, which correlated to the same time as four major sessions occurring that covered: 5G, mobile advertising, new operators and IOT. When looking at the popular words from our word cloud from this time period, I noticed that the words that show up are directly linked to the themes of the sessions:




So who was doing most of the posting? Clearly, men were discussing MWC online more than women, as you can see below, at a 3:1 pace:




When looking at their interests, you can see that most of the people discussing MWC are professionals, including managers, directors and CEOs. Clearly their online conversations about the show are more business related than for their own personal pleasure.



Keep checking back over the next few days for more insights about the Mobile World Congress 2016.

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