The Mobile World Congress Recap

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The Mobile World Congress Recap


What happened at the 2016 Mobile World Congress?
The 2016 Mobile World Congress is now over and we’re here to provide you with a final recap. Which were the most discussed topics online? What was the sentiment around this event? How many people were talking about it on social media and how large was their voice?


Here are the answers to those questions, provided by our new widgets from Synthesio 3.0:


The Mobile World Congress 2016 generated more than 700,000 mentions on social media.


Being that social media accounts for 90% of this data, the volumes we notice on online media generated close to 70,000 mentions.


Most Talked About Topic: Wearables

Among all themes discussed this year, wearables drove the most reactions and comments. Then followed video and 5G.


Positive Sentiment With The Audience

We compared the mentions that had a positive sentiment with those who had a negative one. We can therefore mention that more people expressed satisfaction towards the show (80%) than people who expressed dissatisfaction (20%).

Feel free to take a look back on the first two days of the Mobile World Congress blog posts.

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