Monitoring and Measuring Viral Buzz Part 4

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Monitoring and Measuring Viral Buzz Part 4


The fourth and final type of brand identified in our breakdown of social media profiles presented at the Social Media Monitoring Conference in London is

The Sensitive Brand

There are certain brands that are very present online not because we necessarily love or hate them, but because they affect some very important matters such as our health and wellbeing. They often involve difficult situations or situations that can leave us feeling lost and unsure. Certain brands are always in this category, like medication, which can cause continualy doubt and stress.

“Sensitive brands” may foster  insecurities

There are brands that cover products such as insulin drugs, cancer treatments, etc. that are not necessarily easy to understand or accept. Consumers are affected by their choices in sensitive ways, making it easy for them to worry over making the right choice. Someone taking insulin medication, for example, might not be sure if it is the right one to be taking, or might experience side effects that she is not sure are normal. While doctors and pamphlets might seem like the obvious choice, it should also seem obvious that people often want a second opinion, and a third, and a fourth.

Sensitive brands have very high levels of buzz and interactions

People look to the Internet for answers and for people that have gone through similar experiences. As a result, the conversations that take place are often in-depth conversations that take place among numerous people and/or receive multiple comments from people in the community. Relationships develop as they would offline because of the support that people can get from these sites and the understanding they may not find elsewhere. Those that have had similar questions sometimes stick around to help others solve their questions and direct them to helpful people and sites.

Sensitive brands have been able to uncover insights and reassure

The brands in this category that we have helped monitor the web have used these online conversations to reassure patients as well as discover insights. It is a space being used for market research and counseling.

Unlike brands seeking to augment their levels of buzz on the web, they are seeking to assure patients and answer their questions. Some have employed community managers for this specific task that interact in forums and on blogs, reporting back their discoveries via internal reporting. It’s an interesting space to discover and is continually growing.

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