Navigating the Asian Social Media Landscape Webinar with Forrester’s Nate Elliot

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Navigating the Asian Social Media Landscape Webinar with Forrester’s Nate Elliot


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Nate-ElliottBen Farkas, US Director SynthesioWe recently had the pleasure of hosting an exclusive webinar with Forrester’s VP and Principle Analyst, Nate Elliot, along with Synthesio’s very own VP of Sales & Marketing, Ben Farkas. The webinar was an in-depth exploration of the Asian Social Media Landscape – a breakdown of the current state of social media in Asia – including the censorship in China and staggering stats around the hypersocial Chinese internet users on their own “copycat” social networking sites, as well as actionable tips on leveraging social media marketing and listening in the complex social space of east Asia.

Here’s a snapshot of a few things you’ll learn from our fascinating Webinar on Navigating the Asian Social Media Landscape:

Why your Chinese marketing plan needs social media – A compelling look at Forrester Research’s stats around the online activities of the hypersocial Chinese internet users.

How to create a great social program for reaching new global audiences – Find out how to effectively leverage social media for reaching your global markets in five steps.

The 4 stages of the customer journey – An in-depth look at the customer/prospect lifecycle, and actionable social media marketing tips and best practices from the Chinese market.

The 3 major Challenges to Listening behind the Great Firewall of China – An overview of the three main challenges global brands face in terms of censorship from the Chinese government, language barriers, data coverage & quality – and an inside look at how you can overcome these hurdles with the right tools and strategy.

Click here for the full webinar recording

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