Nexus 6P Dials into Social Media

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Nexus 6P Dials into Social Media


The news of official Nexus 6P release in Singapore has been doing the rounds for a while. Hence, social media has been flooded with mentions of “Nexus 6P”.  According to Synthesio’s dashboard, out of 6,808 mentions in the past one month, most of them were neutral. This is expected as it is a new device and people will be giving their feedback after using it for some time. However, as per Synthesio’s sentiment analysis, number of positive reviews was higher than negative reviews.

The “P” in this phone stands for Premium because of its unibody metal design. The most talked about feature of the phone was the new Android version 6.0 marshmallow and its large 3,450 mAh battery which is larger than any of the competitor phones available. One of the things which users did not like is that the camera is 12.3MP, which is not as good as camera of competitor phones such as Galaxy Note 5.Word cloud

Additionally, it is cheaper than the previous Nexus 6. Other cool new features which are being talked about are a fingerprint sensor, Nexus imprint, a reversible USB-C port and front facing stereo speakers.

The latest Google Nexus hardware has been made by Huawei and not LG, unlike the last few models (4, 5 and 5X).

The current competitors of the Nexus 6P are iPhone 6S, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Moto X Pure edition. However, Nexus 6P’s share of voice is higher than all of its rivals, followed closely by iPhone 6S. Nexus 6P is expected to reach Singapore stores within a few weeks, much earlier than the previous Nexus 6 by Motorola. This is mainly because of strong presence of Huawei in the country.PUC2

A user tweeted “@AndroidPolice: Google Is Starting To Charge Credit Cards For Nexus 6P Orders – Shipping Can’t Be Too Far Away”, indicating that people are waiting for the product launch.

However, in Asia, Singapore has again been left behind in the queue to launch the latest Google phone. It is expected to be rolled out in India, South Korea, Japan and Australia before being launched in Singapore.

As per the reviews, this is the best Google android phone so far. The next big question is – Should Nexus fans based in Singapore wait for it to hit the stores or get it from an overseas retailer?

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