OK, we admit it (online media marketers)

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OK, we admit it (online media marketers)


We’re a little crazy: we may have possibly kind of drank a little bit of Kool-Aid. And we may sometimes think (even though we write that we don’t) that marketing using social media is the end-all be-all of marketing, Amen.

But, who isn’t if you really like your job? If you got to spend all of your work time connecting with people and building relationships that are enriching for both parties (meaning profitable for you and valuable for your customer), wouldn’t you want to brag about your job a little bit? It’s just, we feel like we get to have fun doing our jobs, and who doesn’t want a little bit of that in their life?

We know it’s not perfect: We would love to say that we have all of the metrics figured out and can calculate with a certain percentage of error and standard deviation what your return on investment will be; but the truth is – we can’t! If we could, why would we all be competing? There would be one of us. Because he would have won and become the monopolist.

So bear with us, we’re trying to figure it out the best we can because we all know that in a free labor market, whoever does it better gets the clients. And client satisfaction.

[Does the double-hand clap from Top Gun]

We still think you need it: Because the truth is, everyone is getting interested, even if they’re not actively participating in some form of social networking…yet. So why would you not go hire an ethnologist account manager to discover the wants and needs of the new consumer culture? Because the more we share information, the more we change – and the faster! So we need to be adapting our tools more quickly to appeal to the consumers’ desires. And because if we don’t, our competitors will. …guess who wins.

by Michelle

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