One week after the Monitoring Social Media Bootcamp #msmbc10 – A look at influencers

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One week after the Monitoring Social Media Bootcamp #msmbc10 – A look at influencers


Although  London’s Internet went down on the same day as the Monitoring Social Media Bootcamp hosted by Our Social Times due to a fire, it hasn’t stopped people from talking about it online.

One of the most talked-about presentations has certainly been Philip Sheldrake‘s panel about the utter uselessness of an influence score.

Also, view more presentations from Philip Sheldrake.

“But you calculate influence and claim to identify influencers!” you say?

Why yes, we do! We calculate influence at the site level, post level, and personal level (for Twitter) but keep in mind that this is just to give an initial insight into who is talking about you or your brand or company online. It can help you identify influential people to connect with that may not have seemed obvious otherwise. If we look at mentions regarding the MSMBC10 event, for example, we can see that the “top influencer” was Trey Pennington.

No surprise there – Trey just joined the Synthesio team and didn’t let an Internet outage stop him from talking about the event before, during, and after.

A quick look down the “influencer” list, however, shows us right away a couple of social media experts that were not even present at the event but have showed up on our radar: Katie Payne, the Goddess of Measurement, Olivier Blanchard, also known as the Brandbuilder, and Karima-Catherine from 3 Angels Marketing.

So what?

It’s still human analysis that counts

As Nathan Gilliatt said in his post following the event,”software still doesn’t replace people”.

Knowing where “influencers” fit into your online presence and e-reputation is something that has to be done on a personal level. We know from experience, for example, that Olivier and Karima-Catherine work for high-powered marketing agencies and that Katie really is a goddess of measurement. On a more personal level, Olivier and Karima are both Parisians living abroad – a fact we take particularly to heart, being based in Paris.

A list is simply a list until you interact with the people on it to find out how you can help them, which in turn will help you add value.

Influence is subjective

Those people, sites, and posts that are “influential” are so because of the keywords are chosen for us to analyze. Chris Brogan, for example, is an arguably influential blogger and social media consultant but does not even appear among the top 100 of this “influencer” list. Why? Because he hasn’t (as of this writing) taken an interest in the event or participated in any conversations surrounding it.

Our next step is connecting the dots for you between various influencers’ online profiles to make it even easier for you to connect with the people that matter to you. More on that soon.

Thanks again to Luke Brynley-Jones and Our Social Times for organizing the event and to all of the participants for making it a truly enjoyable day.

Check out the Our Social Times site for the SlideShare presentations of the day.

We look forward to keeping in touch and perhaps seeing you in the fall?

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