Online communication actions unlike any other

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Online communication actions unlike any other


Cause marketing meets social media?

Target is one brand among several that have made the connections from social media to online reputation to worthy causes.

They just launched a campaign that will result in the donation of US$3 million to one lucky charity: they have invited Internet users to vote for their favorite charity (out of a list of 10) on Facebook to determine which one will get the money.

Of course, certain critics have attacked the campaign as being a simple “tactic to create buzz”. Nonetheless, there’s a nice little chunk of change to be donated, and the intersection of social media into charity work promises to do some good for more than just the brand.

What’s the connection between the Tour de France, Nike, and Twitter?

The answer? LiveStrong!

Nike has created a machine (the Chalkbot) exclusively to paint fans’ tweets along the Tour de France route all while Lance Armstrong chats with them on his own Twitter account.

The words of encouragements sent out to the Tour cyclists, then, mean that the brand interactions between Nike and Internet users are happening in real time and in a very public way. Original and neat!

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