Be Prepared, Compliant And In-The-Know With Your Financial Social Media

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Be Prepared, Compliant And In-The-Know With Your Financial Social Media


smac-event-bannerYesterday Synthesio proudly sponsored, exhibited and had our CEO speak at theFinancial Technologies Forum’s SMAC conference in New York about social media and compliance in the financial services industry. It was an educational and exciting day with many topics being discussed, ranging from the role social media is now playing in fraud cases to training new employees to use social media correctly to how to use social media to help build your firm to what to look for in social media in the future, and everything in between.

The overall theme of the conference was compliance and how important it is to make sure that you are taking the appropriate steps to make sure you are not violating any securities laws with your firm’s social media postings, and to take it one step further, audience members were even warned that it is crucial that they have software that will allow them to prove that they are being compliant if they are audited. However, despite this main overall theme, one topic that kept coming up in almost every session was how social media is providing financial service agents, advisors and sales people a way to understand their clients and prospects in a way that they never could before.

For advisors, it can be posts about having a new baby, buying a new house, getting engaged or any other major life changes that let them know when they need to reach out to their clients and prospects to help these people in their potential times of needs. For financial sales people, getting a qualified lead on social media has a personal touch through mutual connections combined with the information you can easily get about these individuals provides incredible ROI through time saved trying to gain the trust and understanding of a prospect.


One of the best ways for the financial services industry to be able to use social media in this information-gleaning way is to take advantage of the ability to use social listening. As the Chairperson of the SMAC conference, Sheryl Brown of Ash Brokerage, said in the “Apps, Likes, and Tweets: Social Media for Your Firm” panel, “I wish I could do more social listening to understand what is being said and to know what’s out there.” She went on to explain that social listening is the only way to really understand clients, prospects, the industry and the economic climate in a way that would help financial services firms grow and gain the insight needed to succeed.

Social listening platforms like Synthesio have been helping out our clients in this industry for many years, providing them with this type of information and have seen first-hand how having access to this data has helped our clients grow and succeed. We agree with Sheryl’s assessment, and look forward to continuing to working in this exciting industry and helping financial services industries gain all of the information they need.

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