Real-time influence demands real-time engagement

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Real-time influence demands real-time engagement


Twitter has become an incredibly powerful tool, capable of spreading buzz faster than any other Web 2.0 tool.Simply click “ReTweet” and the message is spread to followers, who can spread it to their followers, and… you know the drill.Just looking at the increase in the number of Twitter users can make any marketer’s mouth drool as they imagine the amazing potential for their brands and their clients’ brands.Even Google is a bit unsure of how to deal with Twitter, as it has pulled ahead of the giant in terms of real-time information.But how can you truly harness this power without making some of the faux pas we’ve seen from other brands that used sensitive hash tags for SEO purposes or end up on a list of brands that are criticized for using Twitter to publish their news stories?

See who’s talking on Twitter

Identify who the key influencers are that are talking about your brand. Discover how influential they are in terms of their activity, reach, and authority and use social media for what it’s meant to be used for – finding out about your customers so that they can find out about you. Find out where they work, where they’re from, what their interests are, etc. to begin to develop relationships with Twitter users that are influential for your brand.

Focus on key influencers

Maximizing your ROI on social media is a topic that has long been debated – as it should be! – and is now something that social media monitoring tools can help you quantify. As Olivier Blanchard, business strategist specialized in new media, highlighted in his presentation the Basics of Social Media ROI

Losing even 1% of your budget’s efficiency could seriously ruin your day

Our new influencer widget allows you to compare the profiles of advocates and detractors and engage with them directly from your Synthesio dashboard. You can also compare the number of their on-topic updates and overall scores of influence.

Respond to your advocates and detractors

What good would an analytical tool be if it didn’t allow you to respond directly to the Internet users that interest you? Interact with your customers to encourage potential or existing brand advocates and mitigate the concerns of online detractors. Real-time comments means that your brand is under pressure to respond as quickly as possible to comments made about your brand, products, company, people, or industry.

Take advantage of Twitter and use it to answer questions, share news, identify risks and opportunities, and take full advantage of all that it has to offer.

Your turn

What would you like to see added to the widget? What would help you, as a marketer, do your job better?by Michelle

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